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Combine good fishing with fun times, and you have today's episode with Glenn and Keri.  The first in a new series!




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Glenn: Hey it’s Springtime, and that means the fish are moving up, getting ready to spawn.  And that means they got their feedbags on. So you take a wonderful spring day like today, combine it with some great fishing and a lot of fun, and you have today’s show.


Stay tuned. I think you’re going to like it.



Keri: What are you throwing, the jig?
Glenn: I'm gonna start off with the Booyah Finance Jig.
Keri: I'm gonna start off with whatever this is.
Glenn: That is a Booyah Spinnerbait.
Keri: It runs good.
Glenn: Actually, if you're gonna be throwing a fast-moving bait then I'll throw on the...
Keri: No, you can throw...I don't fish this super fast like you do. I'm slow.
Glenn: I wanna try the One Knocker.
Keri: The One Knocker.
Glenn: The One Knocker.
Keri: Why do they call it a One Knocker?
Glenn: Because it has one big BB in the middle of it, in the chamber, instead of a bunch of little ones. See?
Keri: I hear it.
Glenn: There's one big BB.
Keri: I hear it. We found Goose Island.
Glenn: Oh, yeah. There's a ton of geese.
Keri: There's a bunch of them over there.
Glenn: Holy moly. It's an army. They're amassing for the attack.
Keri: I was gonna say.
Glenn: There we go, and he's a puller. Oh, he wants to fight, come here you.
Keri: You got him good. You ain't going nowhere.
Glenn: That's a good fish.
Keri: Look at that. One Knocker.
Glenn: Nice fish.
Keri: Smallie.
Glenn: Nice fish. All right, dude.
Keri: Beautiful. Oh, here. Let me get...
Glenn: He might have been on a bed. I don't know.
Keri: He could have been, in that deep hole. He very well could have been. Very well could have been.
Glenn: There we go. I want a some come right up and hit it.

Hold on, what was that?

I want a some come right up and hit it.

I still didn't understand that.

I want a some come right up and hit it.

Evidently, when a fish comes up from the depths to torpedo my bait and it surprises me, I lose all ability to speak in complete sentences.

I want a some come right up and hit it. That's a good fish. 
Keri: That's a nice fish.
Glenn: Yeah. He just came right up and smacked it. 
Keri: Say Booyah.
Glenn: Nice little belly on him.
Keri: Yeah. He's eating. Getting ready to spawn. All right. So we've got the Spinnerbait and we got the One Knocker, and this One Knocker is not working for me so I'm putting you away.
Glenn: I think you should keep throwing it.
Keri: Why?
Glenn: Because we're gonna get in this little shallow area here. There's a roadbed that comes across right here, you can see it, and then in that shallow area.
Keri: I'll try. This is not impressing me much.
Glenn: So I'm throwing across this roadbed right here. I'm expecting to get hit.
Keri: We're only in six feet of water. Oh, that's right. This cuts back here. I'm just used to the water being down, so you're down lower. There we go. Thank you for making me keep fishing that.
Glenn: That's a good fish. 
Keri: Whoa. Easy does it, big guy. All right, you. Yeah.
Glenn: Yeah, you do. You gotta...
Keri: Nice fish. We're gonna get you out of here right now. Get your chin full of...
Glenn: There we go.
Keri: Right with him. Thank you, honey. It's a nice smallie. Now, let's see if I can get out of these.
Glenn: Need pliers?
Keri: Yeah, hooks and stuff out.
Glenn: I just remembered that. Nice fish.
Keri: That's a nice smallie. It's got some weight to him.
Glenn: That's a good fish.
Keri: Very angry fish.
Glenn: Now, after that fish, the bite slowed way down, which means we started to get a little bored. Now, we've all been there. You know what we do when that starts to happen. Yeah, we start to sing, we start to talk to the bait, we talked to the fish. In general, things get a little wacky.
Keri: I mean, look how clear that is right there. It's just amazing. You'd think something would live up under there and come out and eat that. Such a cute little jig. Come on. It's just a pretty little jig. Little jig begging to be eaten. Eat the jig.
Glenn: Bad spinnerbait, bad. Now, go fetch.
Keri: Boy, if that works, it's great.
Glenn: Fetch me a bass.
Keri: No kidding.
Glenn: I just had a little one come up and smack it.
Keri: Mine, mine, mine, mine.
Glenn: He was smaller than the spinnerbait.
Keri: Mine, mine, mine, my spinnerbait, mine.
Glenn: Dot com.
Keri: Yeah, myspinnerbait.com. You could flood the market, myspinnerbait.com. You too could have your spinnerbait.
Glenn: Guaranteed to have a better day fishing.
Keri: That's right.
Glenn: And for a certain time only, what is it? And celebrating and we've been named ICAST spinnerbait of the year. We're gonna give you two spinnerbaits for the price of one.
Keri: Price of one. Dear God. Dear Lord, help us. At myspinnerbait.com.
Glenn: myspinnerbait.com.
Keri: Definitely, wood heaven in here.
Glenn: Yeah.
Keri: I know where there's a lot of wood if you need some wood.
Glenn: Oh, he had it.
Keri: Backlash fish.
Glenn: It was a little fish.
Keri: Hey, but it is a fish. It's all that matters. It's all that matters.
Glenn: Yeah, it's a little fish.
Keri: There he is.
Glenn: There we go.
Keri: He's not that little. He's a good looking fish. He's not that little. Not that little at all. Looks like you foul hooked him
Glenn: I did foul hook him. I felt him breathing on it. I felt you breathing on it. Oh, he's got bad breath. Casteth outeth, my maiden. There'll be fish aplenty out here.
Keri: Yeah, okay. I'm buying that. It was a really good stance too.
Glenn: I'm telling you. Keri, dang it. I'm missing them, but they're there. I'm getting thumped. I'm telling you. There'd be fish in here, my maiden.
Keri: Yeah. Keep thinking that.
Glenn: Get right up to that...some rocks right up there, some boulders. You shall need to make the magic cast. The magic cast I say, to that rock pile. You're not making the magic cast.
Keri: I’m trying to make the magic cast. 
Glenn: It's right here. So all right, there's a pile there and a little boulder right there. There we go. Hey, I told you magic cast.
Keri: Magic cast.
Glenn: We have the magic cast. Good fish. Oh, he's puking up his lunch. That's a Walleye.
Keri: I was gonna say, it's not a bass.
Glenn: We don't want that.
Keri: It's a nice Walleye.
Glenn: You bet it.
Keri: It is a nice Walleye.
Glenn: You foul hooked said Walleye.
Keri: I did foul hook said Walleye. Get over here. Oh, he only has one hook, perfect. If I knew how to clean said Walleye, I'd eat said Walleye. He was a One Knocker Walleye.
Glenn: Well, after that Walleye, we decided to stop looking for the girls that were staging and instead get up on the flats and look for aggressive males that were ready to play with us, and find them we did. Yeah.
Glenn: There we go.

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