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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and one of the questions I get very often is...blah...very often?  
Glenn: I forgot how I was going to do this. 
Keri: Take fifty folks.
Keri: I was waiting for you to do that. 
Glenn: Sinker. And can upgrade. I'm going to start all over again man, I'm just stumbling all over the place.

Keri: Wacky wig a Senko, doo da, doo da, wacky wig a Senko.

Glenn: Anything that's over a six to one gear ratio, that works really well. This hear, this is a Okomo Helias...Okomo...hmm...not Okomo.
Glenn: You want something that has like a six to one gear ratio or faster. This Okoma Helios reel, this is a seven three to one, and I like that especially because sometimes I like to burn the bait, the bait...
Glenn: Take fifty-eight.
Glenn: Am I supposed to start talking? 
Keri: Oh say can you see...sorry.
Glenn: Ah...alright...take four hundred.
Glenn: Really?
Glenn: That's a loud bird.
Keri: Ready, set, go. Oh, sorry. 
Glenn: Whatever. Dork. 
Keri: You married it. 
Glenn: Yeah.
Keri: What is that straight in front of you?
Glenn: The thing.
Glenn: Here we go, whoa [Crosstalk]. Poor guy.
Keri: Loosen up the drag a little!
Mike: Hey Bass Resource fans, Mike Iaconelli back here at iCast two thousand...what year is it? 1985. I have on my parachute pants and my sham shirt. 
Mike: You structure fish with a spoon. Mike Iaconelli here, iCast 2000, 2013, to give you that special teaser. Bye. I'm having trouble with years...
Mike: You're going to catch more fish. Mike Iaconelli for Bass Resource at iCast 2013. 13. 
Glenn: iCast Bloopers 2016. 
Glenn: You ready? Alright. Hair straight? Look good? You look purdy. Shirt straight up there. Okay. 
Glenn: Thanks. There we go. Alright, much better. Okay, now I'm good.
Hank Parker: Price point on this?
Glenn: Price check on aisle five. 
Glenn: You said I wasn't tall enough, but that was next to Van Dam there.  

Keri: You know that sucked because he’s so tall!

Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and I'm here at the 2015 iCast at the Okoma booth. Here, with Mark...


Glenn: Let's try that again. Hey folks, Glenn May here with I scare you?
Man: I was shooting a video and I actually had somebody come up...I didn't even expect it. I was getting ready, I was in front of the camera, they miked me up. And then somebody came up with makeup and started putting it on my head.
Glenn: iCast show, here at the Savage Gear booth with Mark did that to me didn't you? I'm going to kill you. Nice. Thanks. Thanks.

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