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An exclusive interview with bass pro Jason Quinn, where he reveals how to make it as a pro!



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Glenn:    Hi, I'm Glenn May with Bassresource.com I'm here with Jason Quinn. Jason, glad to have you on board today.

Jason Quinn: Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Glenn: Jason you been fishing for gosh how many years now?

Jason: I been fishing my whole life grew up on the lake I still live on now. I just always went fishing I didn't want to get a real job so.

Glenn: So all those years of fishing what would be your most memorable bass.

Jason: Probably anytime that I catch one that makes me some money. You know probably my largest bass I ever caught was at Lake Falcon a couple of years ago. And  it was a real memorable moment because I never caught a 12 pounder.

Glenn: A 12 pounder during a tournament that was real exciting.

Jason: It was real exciting but I didn't get big fish.

Glenn: Well speaking of big fish what would be your most unusual big fish tactic.

Jason: You have to do something a little bit different. Of course swim baits come along ways and you can throw them all day long. And if you get one bite, it's usually the right one and it's a big one. But you can usually see every fish in the lake throwing a swim base you can kind of see what the lake has to offer.

Glenn: So all the years being a pro angler what advice would, you give to the average angler guy? What's the most common mistake you see the average angler make?

Jason: The main thing is your time is limited on the water when you're not a angler that comes out fishing everyday like we do. And were faced with a lot of different things where on the water everyday developing patterns. A lot of the common anglers what they do is they go out once a weekend or once a month or something like that and they always go back to where they caught fish every trip out there because there time is limited on the water. So that's a real big mishap and guys are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

Glenn: What about if a guy that wants to work his way up through the bass club and the regional's that sort of thing. What kind of advise would you give them in terms of when's a good time know that hey its time to step up to the next level. Or you know look for sponsorships how do you know when your ready for that level?

Jason: You know its kind of one of those things that just happens. Like myself  I run a guide service on the lake, I fish a lot of tournaments and just wasn't real sure that I wanted to fish professionally so I got in a few opens stuff like that. I worked my way up and I said you know what I feel like I can compete at this level I have a little advantage and edge over the guys and it worked out well. Then you kind of go out and try to obtain some sponsors that's where the difficult part is. Because the way the economy is and everything else. You got to be promotable and dedicated.

Glenn: It sounds like its more it is a confidence type deal. You feel confident to go up against the next, higher level of competition then give it ago and see how you land.

Jason: Absolutely, it's all about confidence once you let that barrier down and then you're done.

Glenn: Jason, let me ask you this if you could fish with anybody past or preset it doesn't have to be a angler or anybody like that it could be Theodore Roosevelt if you want but you know whom ever you could fish with who would that be?

Jason: It would probably be Jose Wejebe.

Glenn: Really.

Jason: Just for the reason I watch him on TV a lot I'm a big fan of saltwater he goes out there and gets the job done. It would be real exciting.

Glenn: That sounds like a lot of fun. Besides fishing what other things, do you like to do?

Jason: I hunt; once the fishing season is over with, I'm in the woods for the rest of the season.

Glenn: What do you like to hunt for?

Jason: Anything that walks. I do a lot of deer hunting and stuff like that. We got a bunch of deer and hogs and stuff like that.

Glenn: Bow hunting or rifle?

Jason: Rifle hunting, I bow hunt a little bit but once bow season is done with, it goes back in the box, back in the closet.

Glenn: And now what would be your dream vacation?

Jason: Hmm-mm, that is hard a lot of my vacations are based around fishing anyway. And that's always been a kind of dream so I kind of do what I want to do.

Glenn: Okay, so what's one thing about you that maybe the fans don't know maybe you can share with us?

Jason: I'm also a good family guy. I got a lot of kids, I spend a lot of time with them, and I keep them involved with the outdoors all the time.

Glenn: What's your favorite ice cream?

Jason: Really any of it! The only problem is I don't like to get the little things or little bowls I like to use about a half gallon.

Glenn: Of course, you got to gorge right.

Jason: I am not real picky when it comes to flavor.

Glenn: Well, Jason, thank you so much for being with us today I really appreciate it and were looking forward to seeing you on the water.

Jason: Thanks guys.

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