Power-Pole Foot Switches

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Jimmy Houston demonstrates the new, improved Power-Pole foot switches.

I've been using a Power-Pole and really since they very first came out. I remember when I very first saw mine. It was years ago and my buddy, Shaw Grigsby had one. I said, "what in the world is that" and he said, "oh, I just got it put on my boat last week, it's called a Power-Pole" and I called the next day and got Power-Poles for my boat and I've been using them now for years and years and years and they were great from the very first day we had them, but they just changed them so much over the years. They make them better and better all the time and just recently, we upgraded our foot switches.

We've changed those foot switches around forever. A lot of the guys love to carry the remote controls around their neck or in their pocket and they love that a lot around at gas stations and stuff where they could play with other people that's back there looking at them, make them go up and down, but I like to use the foot switches. I use them up at the front of my boat and we've had them all in one compact unit. They're totally wireless, so they're not wired to anything. You can put them anywhere you want them. If you don't like them in one spot, you can move them over to another spot, but the other deal is they've always been one unit and so they were kind of close together. So, sometimes you want to go up and it was going down. Sometimes you want to go down, you were going up, but now we've got individual units that are for up and down and for even for guys from the north that can't read very well, they put arrows on them.

So, you want to go up, the arrow's pointing up. You want to go down, the arrow's point down, so you don't have to be really, really sharp to learn how to operate it. You want this Power-Pole to go up, reach over here and just hold the button. You can stay on it if you want and it would go all the way up or you can double tap it and what we do out there most of the time when we're fishing tournaments is we want this baby to go down, we want to go down like right now and reach over here and we'll double tap that, hit it a couple times, we go right back to fishing while we're anchoring our boat right exactly where we want it.

Now, I have ten foot poles on my new Ranger boats and so they really are pretty tall smoke stacks back there. As a matter of fact, in my new boat building, I just built it, my new boat building by the top of my Power-Pole, it's the very top of it, barely touches the top of my doors. So, when I get ready to back my ranger boat in there, I had to move them down a little bit. So, if we've got these things in the up position, we got them all the way up, I get back, get ready to go,  I'm getting ready to back that in, I'll take my Power-Pole and just move it down just a little bit. Well, maybe I'm going to move it all the way to the bottom. I don't care.

I must have hit that thing twice. I'm a little nervous. I've never looked at camera before in my life and I just get a little nervous talking to cameras and I can't talk and so I just sometimes mess up. I tell you, you're going to love your Power-Pole though, I promise you that.