Power-Pole Sportsman II Features

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What's the difference between the Power-Pole Sportsman II model and the Pro model? Find out in this short video!

Hi, Robert Shamblin with JL Marine Systems, manufacturers of the Power-Pole shallow water anchors. I'm here at the Bassmaster Classic 2013, and I'm in front of our Sportsman II. A lot of people have questions about what's the difference between the different model Power-Poles that we have. I'd like to explain our Sportsman II has a black anodized finish, a two-piece stern bracket, comes with a three year warranty. It has the same construction features as our Pro Model, and does include the wireless dash switch and remote control for $1,295.

The Sportsman II comes with the standard remote control, has the up and down. It will operate two Power-Poles at the same time if you have the dual setup, or obviously one, if you only have the single. This comes standard with every Sportsman II. Also comes with our dash switch. It's a wireless unit as well. It gives you the ability to control the speed, with fast, medium, and slow. Or, if you have dual systems, you can toggle between left, right, or both.

These do come standard with the Sportsman II. Again, it's $1,295 retail. If you'd like to get more information, you can go to our website www.power-pole.com.