Stratos 186 VLO

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Here's a close look at the Stratos 186 VLO bass boat.

Hi, I'm Jason Bragg with Stratus Boats and we're here today at the Bass Master Classic and I wanted to show you the brand new model, the 186 VLO, is new for Stratos. It's a great entry level boat, 18 foot 9 inches, 89 inch beam. Comes up from a 75 up to a 115 and with a 115 it'll run to that high 40's like maybe low 50's, but let's talk about the fishing features of the boat itself.

As you can see, it has a huge front casting platform that you and a fishing buddy can get on and fish comfortably, but it also offers great things like it has a standard recessed trolling motor foot pedal that saves your back when you're fishing all day out on the water. It also has great storage built in on the port and starboard side of the deck and a huge rod box right here. I'm going to show it to you right now.

As you can see, it holds many rods. It'll hold up to ten of your favorite rods at seven and a half foot of length. Then also storage as you can see, you can pack pretty much anything you want in these. Now here in the cockpit we've got lots of features as well. You have nice custom fit bucket seats and all this is built in-house which was a big plus because that means that if you ever do have a problem or you ever want to add a seat to the boat, you can call us directly and we can recreate that seat the exact same way that it came in your boat.

As you notice here on the dash, you have full instrumentation, recessed rocker switches that are circuit breaker protected, have a nice Lowrance graph at the helm and there's plenty of leg room too for the big angler. You know, it's always a problem. Get a guy who's six foot tall or so not having enough leg room, this boat here definitely offers plenty of leg room.

As you can see, I'm about five foot ten and there's definitely plenty of room here for a big legged guy. Also, you have storage built in underneath your flip seat. Gives you room for extra GPS maps, whatever you want to bring with you, but it also serves as a step going from the back deck down into the cockpit or of course, fold it up and you have a nice fishing seat there for your passenger.

Now, what fishing boat isn't complete without a great tournament style live well and this boat definitely doesn't skimp here. We have a great divided live well that's aerated and it's timed. The divider's removable, so if you wanted to go out for a day of striper fishing or something of that nature, you could definitely fit them in there with no problems.

Also a big thing to know with Stratos boats is, is you get the power of choice and what that means is, is whether you want Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, it's always your choice to put whatever you want on the boat and that's a big deal and so go by and see your local Stratos dealer. Check one out. You won't be disappointed or come visit us at our website at Thank you.