Summer Bass Fishing with the Free Rig with Shin Fukae

Summer Bass Fishing Videos
Summer Free Rig fishing tips that work! Tips and tricks from Free Rig guru Shin Fukae that have never been revealed until now!

The Bait & Gear

Fish Arrow Free Rig Weight:

Gamakatsu G-Finesse Hybrid Worm Hook:

Yamamoto D Shad:

YGK G-Soul FC Tour Grade Fluorocarbon Line:

YGK G-Soul Upgrade X-8 Braided Line:

Shimano Metanium MGL 150 B Casting Reel:

Shimano Zodias 7'2" medium-heavy casting rod:


Hello, everyone. Shin Fukae right here. I wanna show you how to using free rig at summertime. The summertime, basically fish want to...I mean, fish going little deeper than other season, right, because of the top of the water going hot, but bottom of the water getting cooler, which we got find the thermocline, right? Then this one right here, free rig right here.

This one, if you wanna...especially the summertime, fish going tight close to the structure, the boat dock and grass and they want to find shade. But this one right here, you can fish really, really close to the fish. Because when you throw the Texas rig, the Texas rig it's good but it's always going curve fall. If the fish going close to the structure, something like that, that Texas rig is way further from the fish.

But this free rig right here, that weight go down, straight down. That means close to the fish. Then also super, super natural action front of the fish. So you can make a little more tight for the fish and tight for the structure. So you can catch more fish more bite.

And free rig, we can use one size smaller weight compared to Texas rig all the time. When I'm using the Texas rig in three-eighth, we can use quarter, yeah, for the free rig.

Yeah I'm using basically 14 pounds, 15 pounds a lot. Then when I fish the open water, I'm using 12 sometime. But it depends on how big the fish, then where I fish. Yeah, when I go to Florida, I put on a 20 to 25-pound fluorocarbon. But when you're using the longer leader, you know, both or nothing. I'm using the 20-foot leader on my spinning. Yes, it's super long. Why? Because during a tournament, I always set hook so hard. That leader is kind of shock leader. The braided line no stretch, right? If I make a shorter leader, it sometime break. Yeah.

Glenn: Okay. Okay.

Shin: Yeah. Yep. Then when I got scratchy on my line, I just caught it then retie. Super easy during a tournament. Then after the tournament, still I have about 15 foot, yeah, leader. So save more time and catch more fish.

That's a nice largemouth on the free rig. Is choking my Yamamoto D-Shad with a Fish Arrow free rig weight with a Gamakatsu hybrid, 4/0 hooks catching pretty good largemouth. It's fun, easy. Thank you.

That's what I use in the summertime and fishing close to the shady spot and close to the structure, especially deep water brush pile. So just try for this free rig, it really work. Easy.