Topwater Lures: Best Tips For More Topwater Strikes

Topwater Baits and Techniques
What is a topwater cadence and how do you use it to catch more bass. Use these tips to get more strikes!

Okay, "Glenn, I've heard you talk a lot about rhythm when you're topwater fishing. Can you explain a little bit more about what that is?" Okay, well, rhythm is really the combination of... Typically when you're fishing poppers, or chuggers, or any kind of topwater lure that goes across the surface where you can pause it and then chug it some more and pause it, rhythm is the cadence that you're using. It has to do with say for example, on a Pop-R, you would go, you know, pop, pop, pause, pop, pop, pause, pop, pop, pop, pause. It's that cadence. That's what the rhythm is.

And also it has to do with how hard those pops are. If it's really windy out, or if you have kind of dark conditions, cloudy, early morning, for example, then your pops may be harder, you know, pop, pop, pop, and then the pauses may be longer in between, for example. And if the water is really clear, then it's going to...or there's not as much wind out, you got a slick surface, then your pops are going to be a lot more subtle. They're not going to be as distinct. And you may have shorter pauses in between because you want to give that bass less time to examine it under those clear conditions. So that's what the rhythm is, is your cadence, if you will, while using the topwater.

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