Wacky Rig Senko Hooks

See how different hooks affect wacky rigged Senkos in this video!




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Hey, LTBers, Travis here again with Lucky Tackle Box to talk to you about the importance of using wide gap hooks with wacky rigging soft stick baits. Oftentimes when fish inhale the bait, it can get doubled over on the hook point, causing missed fish. A wide gap hook like Mustad's Wide Gap Shiner Hook, which we included in this month's Lucky Tackle Box, allows for enough hook to get through the bait, to get good hooksets even when the bait is doubled over.


This hook is best when rigged wacky on a soft stick bait. Three quick rigging ideas are weightless for a slow fall, nail weight in the middle for a faster fall or fishing in the wind, and drop-shotted for great action near the bottom. But no matter the wacky setup you use, a wide gap hook like Mustad's Wide Gap Shiner Hook is essential for the higher percentage hooksets you need to put more fish in the boat.


Once again, I'm Travis Moran with Lucky Tackle Box. And if you want to watch more videos, hit one of the thumbnails on the screen and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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