What Weight To Use For Fishing In The Wind

Pro Aaron Martens tells you what size weights he uses for windy conditions, and gives a few pointers for fishing windy weather in this video!



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You know, when it's windy, the heaviest weight I'll go on a windy day, it depends where you're at of course.  The northeast, they use, like, 3/8ths, half-ounce.  That's almost all they use.  That's because their fish are kind of dumb.  They're really aggressive up there.  You can catch, it doesn't matter if you use quarter ounce, it just takes longer to get to them.  They eat a half.  But Lake Shasta, for instance, is a good example. 


A lot of times those bigger spots, they get a little weird on that, they're not like that.  And that's kind of typical of most lakes.  And when there's no wind at all, usually I go the lightest I can because I get bigger bites sometimes.  You know, if you're wacky rigging I go up in size.  Usually a size larger than I would if I was nose-hooking it.  But usually when that wind blows and it starts getting rough out, you can go with whatever you want.  The water's churned up, they've lost a lot of visibility.  They can still see good but they are spooky. 


So a lot of times I, if it's windy I'm using a, if it's not windy I'm using an eighth ounce.  And the wind starts blowing hard, I'll go a quarter or 3/8ths and get the same bites.  It's just easier.  There's rare occasions when fishing a saddle or a current, and then you want your bait to move naturally.  You don't want to move your bait.  You want the current or the wind to do it.   I'll stick to the lighter weights, eighth or sixteenth, and let it kind of float down and drift.  I current fish a lot.  I like current.  I know you guys have a lot of that.  But normally current fishing, you just want to be able to be floating free. You don't want to be stopped


But when the wind blows I don't think it matters too much.  That's when you can go heavier and usually have bigger bait and up-size everything.


And I said something on TV that didn't show up the last tournament I got second, and one of my go to baits for off the drop shots is a football head jig. Seems like that's what I go to most of the time. If it's not a shaky head it's a football jig.


I don't know why but usually when I catch those drop shot fish it seems like a lot of them a lot of the times will eat a football head jig good so when it's not windy out and it's dead flat calm I'm getting them on a drop shot and if I get a 15-20 mile an hour wind I always have at least one or two football head jigs tied up and you can smoke 'em sometimes in the same area you were catching them on drop shot just by switching to the jig. It's more effective and faster and you can cover more water and you can get them in the boat a lot quicker than you can on 7 pound.

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