Watch To Watch For At Seminole, Other Than Big Gators

February 23, 2023
B.A.S.S. News
Gerald Swindle

Darold Gleason and Gerald Swindle often camp near one another with their wives on the Bassmaster Elite Series tour, and together they’re quite a comedy act. The two graciously took time to share what fans can expect this week at the Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Seminole in Southwest Georgia.


Q: Seminole is home to lots of large alligators. How many have you seen so far that were bigger than you?

Gleason: At least 20, and two of those were twice my size. I’m from Louisiana, I respect those giant lizards and keep a safe distance.

Swindle: I saw at least two that were bigger than me, and they sound like a train when they try to slip off the shoreline into the water.


Q: The weather is exceptionally warm. Highs around 85 in the afternoon, warm and pleasant while we sleep with overnight temps in the 60s. So, what percentage of all the bass weighed-in this week do you think will be early spring spawners?

Gleason: 60%

Swindle: 70% will be caught around beds, and the other 30% will be caught using forward facing sonar.


Q: What do you think the two most popular lures will be this week?

Gleason: ChatterBait JackHammer, and a soft stick bait.

Swindle: ChatterBait and a wacky worm.


Q: When Brett Hite won here in mid-March nine years ago, it took an average of 15-pounds a day to get a Top 10. How much weight do you need to average this week to score a Top 10?

Gleason: 18-pounds a day

Swindle: 17-pounds a day


Q: If hypothetically, B.A.S.S. changed the rules, and the AOY points title was based on teams comprised of three anglers, what two other anglers would you choose to pair up with for the rest of this new season?

Gleason: Swindle because he’s so versatile. Plus, he’s seasoned like that old pork rind you find between your boat seats. And also, Palaniuk. How do you not choose BP?

Swindle: I’ll go with Kyle Welcher because of his dry humor and the way he pushes me to think a little different about how to catch fish. And also, Carl Jocumsen for his awesome attitude and work ethic. He’s a fighter.