Rapala Introduces CrushCity Soft Baits

July 7, 2023
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Minnetonka, Minnesota – As the brand that holds the world record for the most world records, Rapala understands more than any fishing lure brand what success looks like.

And if you want to catch a world record fish, you have to think outside of the box. Because a world-record fish can be anywhere. That’s why, when the moment comes, you need a bait that can absolutely crush it!

Crush it on rocks.

Crush it in the shallows.

Crush it deep.

Crush it in the morning.

Crush it in the pads.

Crush it in the milfoil.

Crush it in timber.

Crush it on rivers.

Crush inshore.

Crush it from the East Coast to the West Coast, from Arctic Circle to the Gulf of Mexico and everywhere in between.

Rapala takes pride in “helping people catch more and bigger fish”; so, with that said, Rapala is introducing its new, premier line of soft baits – CrushCity customs.

Developed for America’s top professional bass anglers, when anglers see how versatile and effective these baits are, they will be using them to crush other species on multiple bodies of water all over the country.  With the introduction of five soft baits, Rapala aims to show how defined the soft bait category can be with an attention to detail on every bait matching the innovation they have brought to hardbaits over the years.

Welcome to CrushCity

CrushCity is a destination in the mind of every angler. It’s a place where the fish are big and the bite is hot. It’s what every tournament angler lives for, and what every angler dreams of. CrushCity is a celebration of this special place where all anglers, regardless of who they are or where they live, dream of hook setting fish one after another.  

“Every time you get in your boat, take a cast from the dock or pier, or throw a bait from shore, you think of CrushCity,” said Dan Quinn, RapalaVMC’s Director of Field Promotions and R&D. “All anglers want is to arrive at that special place – whether you’re a seasoned tournament professional such as Jacob Wheeler or you’re a 10-year-old crushing bass while casting from a kayak at the family’s lake place.”

“When you tie on a CrushCity custom bait and make that cast, we want you to be thinking, ‘I want to crush one!’” Quinn added.

Meet the CrushCity Gang

Every town or city has its cast of characters who make that place special. It’s no different with CrushCity. With the introduction of CrushCity baits, you will have five new buddies already tested and proven by the top angler in the world.

“Rapala came to me and asked, ‘What are the five shapes of soft baits that you most need to win tournaments,” said Rapala bass fishing pro Jacob Wheeler. “And I said, ‘Well, number one, you have to have a paddle-tail swimbait. Then, I said, ‘a chatterbait/spinnerbait trailer, a craw, a ned rig/drop shot bait, and some sort of bug that you can use for flippin’.”

Through months of testing, including actual tournament settings, the Rapala R&D team, working closely with Wheeler and other Rapala pro members, perfected the first five baits in the CrushCity line.

CrushCity includes a cast of characters that will work side-by-side with today’s tournament anglers to haul in the biggest, baddest bass. This cast includes:

  • The Bronco Bug™ crawfish softbait.
  • The Freeloader™ chatterbait/spinnerbait trailer.
  • The Ned BLT™ Ned rig jig worm bait.
  • The Cleanup Craw™, a super tasty crawfish softbait.
  • The Mayor™ – And, to lead CrushCity, you need a bait that is dependable, adaptable and fearless – introducing The Mayor swimbait.

Every one of these new soft baits was created with an attitude and willingness to get out there and get crushed by monster bass.

Game-Changing Baits

The Original Floating Rapala, the Shad Rap, the X-Rap, the OG Series…the list goes on and on -- at Rapala, there’s a tradition of creating game-changing fishing lures that have the power to transform fishing.

CrushCity softbaits have that potential.

While designed for largemouth bass, spotted bass, and smallmouth bass, CrushCity softbaits can be used effectively to crush all types of species – and not just bass! How about stripers and peacock bass? Or, how about taking the CrushCity gang along in the kayak or fishing for redfish, speckled trout, amberjack, bluefish or Spanish mackerel while surf fishing or fishing from your favorite pier?

And you can bet avid multi species anglers are going to love the action of baits like “the Mayor” or floatation and toughness of the “Ned BLT” where those baits are going to become key baits for walleye in the Midwest.

Like the Original Floating Rapala, which was originally created to catch pike and brown trout in Finland, and over the years, has caught dozens of species around the world – many world records -- CrushCity is wherever and whenever you want to fish it.

Pair CrushCity softbaits with VMC hooks and Sufix fishing line, and you will have an undeniably premium set up where quality matches quality with these brands.

“When you come out with a Rapala soft plastic brand – there’s a lot to live up to,” said Wheeler. “It takes time to get it perfect. It takes time to make something special. It’s a lot of days on the water testing these baits. Figuring out what works, and what doesn’t. We put the time in to perfect Crush City.