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We've all been there. Fishing on a budget is hard if you don't know how to shop wisely. I can tell you how to get essential fishing equipment to catch bass consistently for around 100 bucks.

Rod and reel

A basic spinning rod and reel combo can cost under 100 dollars. It sounds cheap, but if you're on a budget, it's what you can afford. Sometimes the inexpensive combos can be just as good as a 400-dollar rod and reel; you have to shop wisely. Don't buy something that will break when you first cast it, but instead, go for what I like to call "Cheap but functional equipment." Get inexpensive quality Combos.

A Few Good Lures

All you need are just a few good lures. Don't go for the fancy lures that cost as much as a house, but rather for just a basic assortment of lures. Again I say, "Cheap but functional equipment." All you need to spend on an essential variety of lures is 20-30 dollars.

Here are the basic lures that every fisherman needs.

Spinnerbaits are one of the most productive lures there is. Spinnerbaits run from about 2-4 dollars. Buy a few of these in different colors. Don't spend a lot!

Plastic worms are another great lure. You can get worms for 2-4 dollars. Buy a few packs of worms in different colors like a watermelon seed, grape, and black.

Crankbaits come in various colors and shapes that can sometimes intimidate anglers. So stick with colors that imitate shad, like purple/silver, white, chartreuse, and even a color called shad. Buy a few of these, and your set on crankbaits. 

Topwaters - Now, when I say topwater, I mean poppers. The color is not that important, but it helps stick with the natural colors like green or gray. Buy a few of these in different sizes.

Jig-n-pig is great for bass in heavy cover. A jig imitates a crawfish, so your color selection should be the natural colors of a crawfish. Colors like brown, camo, white, and black/blue. Your trailer should match the color of the jig you're fishing.

Terminal Tackle

Hooks, sinkers, swivels, and lines are terminal tackle. 

A good assortment of hooks is essential to an angler. Hook size #2-4/0 sproat is perfect for Texas- and Carolina-rigged worms. 

Sinkers come in lots of different styles and sizes. Sliding bullet weights are what you need to fish Texas and Carolina rigs. Buy one pack each of 1/8-ounce, ¼-ounce, and 1/2-ounce weights. 

Swivels are not that complicated. Swivels are what you need for a Carolina rig. Buy a pack of swivels, and your good for a while.  

The line connects you to the fish, so it is imperative to have a good line. 8-pound mono is perfect for good-sized bass, but if you are fishing with heavy cover, try the 12-pound test.

Tackle Box

Every angler needs a good tackle box. A small tackle box for what I suggested in this article is what you need; they can run from 3-10 dollars.

Well, that's all for now till next time. GOOD FISHING.

At just 13 years old, Christian is an aspiring writer and tournament angler. The Tennessee native has two ponds, a creek, and Old Hickory Lake just minutes away to cast a line in. Don't let his age fool you - he's a very knowledgeable bass angler!