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Regarding tackle storage, Plano has long been the standard in the industry. For proof of that, look at the fact that their 3600 and 3700 sizes have become the standard for all brands of boxes and that bass boat manufacturers build their storage compartments to fit Plano's dimensions. They have been making tackle boxes and other storage solutions for years and continue to add products to keep you organized.

The EDGE series has several ways to remove moisture and also to prevent rust on your favorite fishing lures.
The EDGE series has several ways to remove moisture and prevent rust on your favorite fishing lures.

Their latest launch is the EDGE series that they bill as a “revolutionary line of tackle boxes,” and it is hard to argue with that statement. Included in the lineup are ten boxes that are fit for everyday use as well as specific lure types. They have been highly engineered to prevent your lures from rusting, secure them better, and help you become more organized.

After using them in real-world fishing situations, it has become evident that they have thought about just everything. Here is a recap of some highlights of using Plano’s most advanced boxes.

Keep Your Baits Dry

The EDGE series boxes have a Dri-Loc watertight seal that keeps water out, but it doesn’t stop there. Earlier this year, Plano released their rust-prevention solution they call Rustrictor. This product was made to prevent your expensive lures from developing rust, and even though you can’t “see it,” the added insurance of protecting your baits from rust is a good feeling.

The EDGE series has this product molded into the base itself, and they have gone an extra step with the addition of plastic dividers that improve airflow. They also include the Water Wick, one divider with a silica gel to further remove moisture.

One-Handed Opening

One of the simplest features of these boxes is also the best; the oversized latch allows for smooth opening with just one hand. Most boxes don’t allow that, and the quick opening of a tackle box with one hand is something you won’t appreciate until you see it yourself.

The ability to mark the contents of your boxes and still remove that writing is a great idea.
The ability to mark the contents of your boxes and still remove that writing is a great idea.

Easy Labeling

If you are like this author, you have plenty of tackle boxes organized by lure type or maybe a season or, if you are really on top of it, by the body of water or fish species. The challenge when there are stacks of similar boxes is knowing what is inside each box without going through them.

One way to solve this problem is by using a Sharpie to mark the sides of the box. Another way to do this is with a label maker. Each will do the job, but labels can come loose over time, and marking with a permanent marker is permanent.

The engineering team at Plano created the EZ Label system that allows you to use a marker to write what is inside the box and remove it with a few hard rubs. It is recessed so that it doesn’t rub off over time. It works as advertised and is an ingenious solution.

Technique Specific

The ten boxes are the standard 3600 size, three 3700 boxes (Thin, Standard, and Deep), and six other technique-specific models.

The first four are basic sizes, and you can fill them with whatever you like, and the remaining six were developed for a more specific purpose. Included in that group are the Plastics Box, Spinnerbait Box, Jig/Bladed Jig Box, Crankbait XL, Small Crankbait Box, and Terminal Box.

Plastics Box

This box can hold plastics inside their bags or plastic clamshells with no issue. It was built around the popular boot tail swimbait like the Keitech Swing Impact FAT that are often kept in their original packaging to keep them straight.

Spinnerbait Box

If you like spinnerbaits and use different blade and skirt combinations, this one may be for you. It was said that Kevin VanDam was the driving force behind this box, and he is a noted spinnerbait fanatic.

It is larger than many spinnerbait-specific boxes and can hold quite a few baits. The downside of this box is the size, as it takes up some space, but if you love spinnerbaits, you may make that sacrifice.

Jig/Bladed Jig Box

The silicone “fingers” keep your crankbaits from tangling while also protecting them.
The silicone “fingers” keep your crankbaits from tangling while protecting them.

Out of all of the boxes in the series, this one is sure to be a favorite. It allows for easy organization (and, more importantly, access) to jigs and ChatterBaits. The box holds an endless number of slots for each of the baits. They are said to hold up to 70 individual jigs or bladed jigs.

Small Crankbait Box

Both crankbait boxes feature a different spin or keep treble-hooked baits organized. The baits are held in place by silicone “fingers” that protect each bait from banging into each other, dulling hooks, and removing paint finishes.

The downside of this way to store baits is losing some of the overall space in your box. Instead of grouping baits and jamming the slots full, you are limited to how many they can hold. The tradeoff is keeping your expensive baits like high-end crankbaits and jerkbaits in pristine condition.

Crankbait XL

The XL box has the same features as the Small Crankbait box, but the baits are stored vertically instead of horizontally. The box is big, but it can hold an ample supply of mega-deep divers like the Strike King 8XD and 10XD.

The Terminal Box keeps your terminal tackle organized and secure.
The Terminal Box keeps your terminal tackle organized and secure.

Terminal Box

This box is specially made for small terminal tackle products like hooks and weights. Like the other boxes, it is strong and can keep your expensive terminal tackle like tungsten weights organized and protected.

Extra “Cool Features”

Another neat thing about these boxes is that the dividers are pre-cut, which means no more time cutting your dividers when you get a new box.

They also feel very solid and have a crystal-clear lid to see what is inside easily. Most boxes also stack together for easy storage in your garage or tackle room without sliding.

While these are pricier than most tackle boxes, they are highly engineered and well built. They thought of it all when designing these products. The Plano EDGE series may be the perfect fit if you are looking for new tackle storage.