Fishing Resumes Versus Proposals

Fishing Resumes Versus Proposals Simply stating that you'll proudly display their logo is considered ho-hum in the fishing industry. Here's how to get their attention!


Fishing Sponsorship

Over the years, it has become commonplace for anglers to prepare a fishing resume for potential sponsors that highlights their accomplishments and involvements over their fishing career.
   Recently in an interview with John Kushnerick of Quantum Fishing, he indicated that they receive about ten contacts per day from anglers for sponsorship (and that doesn't include clubs, organizations, and charities). Requests for sponsorship have skyrocketed as tournament trails pop up like hit records for every species of fish.
   Because the fishing industry has led anglers into developing fishing resumes in hopes of gaining sponsorship, it has created a measure of complacency. An angler may think that a résumé, and a good résumé to boot, will greatly increase his chances for landing sponsorship. However résumés, long or short, are being replaced by marketing proposals. And with good reason.
   Anglers who can bring a plan of attack (Proposal) for marketing, advertising and promoting a company actually position themselves as one who is looking ahead to ways that will help the sponsor land new customers while retaining their current client base.
   Now, preparing a proposal takes thought and planning. It requires the angler to prepare and consider marketing avenues of all angles that will assist the potential sponsor in obtaining what they're interested in - leads, sales, and revenue. A résumé describes things the individual angler has accomplished and essentially says to a potential sponsor, "Look at what I've done; look at me!" The proposal on the other hand says, "Here is what I propose to do to help you bring in more business. Here is what I can do for you!"
   In preparing a sponsorship proposal, all avenues for marketing, advertising, exposing, and promoting the sponsor should be calculated, whether they are derived from:

  • Internet
  • Mail
  • E-Mail
  • Print Media (Newspapers, Magazines, Circulars, etc.)
  • Personal Contact

Simply stating that you'll proudly display their logo on your tournament shirt, truck and boat is expected if you are approaching tackle companies and is considered ho-hum in the fishing industry. However this type of exposure may very well assist you in preparing a sponsorship/marketing proposal for a business that is outside of the industry.
   The bottom line is that the key to a successful proposal is concerning yourself with the success of your sponsor(s). If you plan and strategize to help them become successful, you'll become successful. Bass wishes in getting sponsored!

Scott is the Author of "How To Get Sponsored For Fishing Tournaments".

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