The Sunglass Advantage

The Sunglass Advantage Sunglasses are just as important as any other tool in your arsenal. Mike Iaconelli reveals how he uses his to win championships!


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I think the importance of wearing a quality pair of polarized sunglasses is one of the most under-discussed topics around. Sunglasses are often put by the wayside as an optional and generic tool in fishing. Let me personally tell you, this is not the case! In my fishing, sunglasses are as important, if not more important, than other tools in fishing such as your rod, line and depthfinder. My polarized sunglasses are my tool to better tap into the underwater world of the bass. They let me take full advantage of one of my primary senses in fishing: sight.
   I'm not just talking about site fishing or visually spotting bass. I'm talking about the ability of polarized sunglasses to help you find and see all of the subtle clues that become so important in finding and effectively targeting bass. It helps you see things like weed edges, submerged cover, water clarity changes, differences in bottom composition, surface activity, minute amounts of current, shade lines, baitfish movement, bird activity, points of land, bottom depth, line movement, and a host of other every day encounters you will face.
   All this is on top of the basic value of polarized sunglasses to help protect your eyes from the damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Everyone who spends any time outdoors should protect their eyes from the sun - and not just when the sun is shining. Those same ultraviolet rays have the same damaging effects even when it's cloudy. Sunglasses also provide general protection from a sport that can be somewhat dangerous. A missed hookset, a wild fish throwing the hook, or an under-experienced back seat partner can all make the lures and weights dangerous flying projectiles. I have personally been hit with weights in my eye area several times. In other words, our sunglasses also become our safety glasses.
   Ok, we've now established that a pair of polarized sunglasses are a very important tool for a fisherman. Now let's talk about the types and styles of sunglasses that are most effective in getting the job done.
   There are several factors which determine which type of polarized sunglasses is right for you and which one is right for the situation. Let's first talk about lens color and composition. Lens color is very important. There are two basic colors of lenses I use depending on the situation. I use both a grey lens and an amber lens. I carry multiple pairs of sunglasses, each with the two different color lens, so I can switch during the day should the conditions change. In general, I like the gray lens for extremely bright sunny days and I like the amber for low light situations, like a rainy day. I also prefer the amber lens when I am sight fishing during the spawn, because the amber lens provides excellent contrast perception. What this does is allows you detect the light spots or lighter areas of swept bottom easier.
   Now as far as lens composition, I prefer a PolarDynamix lens which is made from an impact resistant polarized material. This type of lens is not only lightweight, but is also strong and totally distortion free. It important that the lens is strong, to resist the potential impact of objects like we talked about earlier.
   It's also important that the lens is lightweight. Heavy lenses such as glass lenses, cause the frame to be heavy which in turn causes pressure on the bridge of the nose. This heavy pressure is a sure bet for constant headaches.
   Now let's talk about the style and shape of the frame of the sunglasses. What I require is a frame that not only fits my head perfectly, but is also comfortable and provides maximum light blockage from entering the frame. The frame composition is the most important. A frame that is too heavy or non-flexible becomes uncomfortable on the head. I prefer frames that use a 100 percent hypo-allergenic crystal nylon frame. This type of frame is not only super light, but also fairly flexible and conforms to the head perfectly. The frame must also provide maximum light reduction in the areas around the lenses. I prefer glasses that have a wrap around design. The wrap around design contorts better to the face and head and will allow minimal light to enter through the top, bottom, and sides of the frame. I also like a frame that utilizes polarized side shields on the side of the frame.
   These side shields allow just enough light in from the side to provide maximum visibility through the front lenses. I also prefer a frame that incorporates a top lip that prevents light from entering through the top. This addition is awesome, especially for fisherman that prefer not to wear a hat. The sunglass company you choose should offer several different sizes and shaped frames, as not everyone's head is the same size or shape.
   Lastly, let's talk about polarized sunglasses for fishermen who wear prescription glasses. I can really associate with this, because I wear prescription glasses. For years I struggled to find a pair of glasses that fit all the requirements I needed from a pair of polarized sunglasses. The most common problems I found with prescription sunglasses were the high cost of the sunglasses, and the heavy weight from prescription glass lenses. Headaches and an uncomfortable fit was the norm. That's until I found Fitovers Eyewear.
   Fitovers are top quality polarized sunglasses with all of the features I was looking for in a pair of glasses. What made them even more unique is the fact that they fit over your prescription glasses. This solved many of my problems.
   First, I didn't have to worry about the extremely high cost I had been paying for prescription sunglasses. With a super reasonable price tag, I could afford to buy the multiple pairs (amber and gray) that I need to carry. But more importantly, I found a pair of glasses that were light and comfortable. With many frame styles to choose from, I could find a pair that fit my head and face perfectly.
   People are continually amazed when I take down my Fitovers Sunglasses and they see a pair or my regular prescription glasses sitting underneath. But, they're not just for prescription glass wearers. They are just as great for the 20/20 fisherman who doesn't wear glasses. Fitovers are by far the best polarized sun glasses I've ever worn. They possess all of the elements I need. They're light, great fitting, comfortable, and affordable enough to buy multiple pairs. They use superior components like PolarDynamix lenses and a crystal nylon frame. Along with a one year warranty, designer carry case and a custom fit neck cord, they're really the perfect glasses.
   Remember, sunglasses are just as important as any other tool in your bass fishing arsenal. By looking at the key elements in good glasses, you can take the glare out picking the right pair!

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