Pro's Soft Bait Glue

Pro's Soft Bait Glue Looking for something that will extend the life of those expensive soft plastics? This just might be the ticket.


Bait Glue

I have never been one to buy the bait that catches fishermen and not fish. That means I'm pretty skeptical from the start. So, the first time I saw Mike Rice at a local fishing expo demonstrating PRO's® Soft Bait Glue, I was not quickly won over. I fished for several years in southern California where using small, extremely soft, plastic baits was a must to catch fish due to all the pressure and small lakes. I had tried every glue I could think of to repair these soft baits and nothing seemed to work. So, seeing Mike glue these baits back together (from a distance, I stood back and watched), I thought yeah right, someone else trying to build the "better mouse trap".
   I also love to use Yamamoto Senkos. They are great at catching fish, but they tear up very easily. So, the next year the fishing expo came to town, I gave PRO's Soft Bait Glue another look. This time, I stood right up front and listened to Mike as he showed how effective his product was. I bought a bottle and went home and pulled out all the old baits I had laying around (using those soft baits from California, I learned to never throw old baits away, but to melt them down and repour them) and started gluing them back together. After fixing some 50 baits, I thought, "now for the real test, will they still catch fish?" I tried them with a still skeptical spirit, but they worked, they still caught fish!! I was a believer from that instant on!
   PRO's Soft Bait Glue moves your limits all the way out to only your own imagination. As an example, I just recently started gluing my plastic baits to the line without a hook, so that I can pre-fish for a tournament without putting hook in a fish's mouth. I thread a long sewing needle from top to bottom through a SENKO or IKA and pull about 3 inches of tag line past the bottom of the bait. Then, I drop one drop of PRO's® Soft Bait Glue on the top and bottom of the bait, right where the line goes in or comes out of the plastic. My bait is now glued securely to the line with no hook. I cut off the tag end (where the needle came out) and insert half of a finishing nail in the heart sack, or "collar" of the Senko, to add the weight of a hook. I'm ready to prefish!!
   PRO's® Soft Bait Glue is an amazing product. I have used it to repair everything from a coffee maker to kids toys to gluing a lip back onto a crankbait. Because it adheres in the absence of air and doesn't cure just sitting there in a tiny puddle, you have time to make a precision repair, unlike other cyanoacrylate products, which begin to cure in the air as soon as they are released from the tube. Also, its strength is amazing, I've seen men nearly pulled across a table with a neoprene O-ring that was just cut completely apart and glued back.
   On one fishing trip, I decided to see just how well this glue would work. After catching 2 nice fish on a Senko, I became determined to keep using this one bait until it was thrown off, torn off, or just plain eaten by a bass. I used PSBGlue as necessary, and 34 fish later on the same bait, I called it a day!! The fish just kept eating the same bait and tearing it up, and I kept gluing it up. We know from history that baits come and go, but one thing that will always remain in my tackle box is PRO's Soft Bait Glue. Thank you Mike Rice for "inventing the better mouse trap"!!

Scott Favors
Pro ~ Staff Member
(Scott is also on Tournament Sponsorship Program with Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits)

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