KastKing Stealth Reel Review

KastKing Stealth Reel Review We tested and reviewed the KastKing Stealth baitcasting reel. Here are our findings.


KastKing Stealth Baitcaster Reel

KastKing Stealth Baitcaster Reel

I know all the talk about KastKing and their line of gear – about how people who have never tried KastKing just can’t believe gear that good could come at such a great price – but I’m going to tell you my thoughts and the simple truth from experience.

   First, do not judge a book by its cover. I’m asking because a lot of people have forgotten to do just that. Competitively priced fishing gear these days doesn’t mean “cheap.” Thanks goodness those days are gone!

   I recently had the opportunity to try the KastKing Stealth reel. Full disclosure, KastKing provided me the reel, but under the agreement I would provide a 100% honest, no-nonsense review for our readers.


Brief description:

  • 5.9 oz.
  • Dual Brake system (worked great for me)
  • 7.0.1 gear
  • Large line capacity

My first thoughts upon unboxing is this reel looks great and has a good feel. It is light weight and fits the hand. Plus, it comes with a neoprene reel cover. I’m a girl so that’s important to me.

KastKing Stealth Baitcaster

KastKing Stealth Baitcaster


Time to Fish

It’s spring here in the state of Washington so that means flipping and pitching in thick, hardwood cover on Potholes Reservoir. I spooled 25-pound Seaguar Fluorocarbon Flippin’ line, and mounted the reel onto a 7-foot, medium heavy, Okuma TCS Scott Martin Jig and Worm rod. 

   First, I was able to easily adjust the reel to flip without any resistance.  The adjustments were straightforward and simple to use.

   Second, I was able to cast heavy line without experiencing any backlash. This is important. Seaguar Fluorocarbon Flippin’ line isn’t designed for casting. It’s strictly for flipping and pitching. As such, it’s a bit wiry and hard to cast on most reels. But not this one.

   My thought at this point is this reel is performing great.



  • First Fish: Pulled out of wood debris and the reel performs as it should – no problem.
  • Second Fish: Same result.
  • Third Fish: Same Result.
    • This went on all day with hook sets on wood, weeds, and rock. This reel held up. I forgot it was supposed to be a “bargain” reel. It performed better than that.
  • End of day: I caught fish in the middle of a Muskrat hut… and it stuck – the fish, that is. It wouldn’t budge!  We had to go in after it, in full 4-wheel-drive mode, pulling out sticks and debris while hanging onto a fighting fish on the other end of the line!  The reel performed as it should. It held on, and after a 12-minute recovery mission, we got the fish. The reel was fine. And, a big shout out to Seaguar. The line was in great shape – no nicks or wear in the line.


KastKing created a product that is great for the consumer and simply works.  Give these reels a try. I think you’ll be impressed. If you do have any issues, the customer service great. 

   I’m keeping this reel on my rod. I have more fish to catch and I’m going to keep flipping and pitching this spring until summer, and then put the KastKing reel to the season test.

   Coming soon: The Epic Battle of Bass and Braun! Watch for the video coming soon!

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