A Review of Plano Tackle Bags and Boxes

A Review of Plano Tackle Bags and Boxes Are the new Plano tackle bags and boxes better or worse that previous versions? This review tells you!


My Plano tackleboxes

My collection of Plano tackleboxes. The newest edition, The Guide Series, is center.

I’m a bit of a tackle junky. As you can see in my picture, collecting Plano tackle boxes and bags has been my passion for several decades. In addition to the gear pictured, I have given a number of bags and boxes to friends and family over the years. All Plano products have one thing in common, they seem to last forever!

   My first purchases were hard boxes and I highly recommend them to fishermen just starting their collection. Lures are easily sorted and separated in compartments and shelves. The bottom is open for more bulky gear like line or assorted weights and hooks. I like to organize by depth, starting with topwater on the upper shelf and then working my way down.

   At this point in life, my hard boxes are kept in the Man Cave filled with terminal tackle reserves. Although both of these hard boxes are at least ten or maybe even twenty years old, they are both nearly "brand new" and totally functional. A signature of Plano products is that they’re built to last.

Plano Guide series

Plano Guide Series

   I have graduated to the Guide Series 3700 Tackle Bag for just a little bit of everything and a 3600 Softsider for what I plan to fish on a given day. It’s easy to swap out tackle because I keep a number of Stowaway boxes in my Man Cave, filled with tackle specific for different lakes and rivers in my area.  I just swap out what I need for the day.

   One knock that I have to mention because it DRIVES ME CRAZY is that my older soft-sided bags are water resistant, NOT waterproof.  When used in conjunction with Plano Stowaway plastic boxes, lures are well protected from normal use.  But if you’re fishing in heavy rain all day, I find I need to remove and dry my tackle.

   Fortunately, many of the newer bags, such as the new Guide Series bags, have waterproof tops and bottoms, which not only solve the problem, but also protect the tackle better. Combined with the multitude of storage pockets, tool holders, and accessory attachment points, and it’s clear to see their tackle bags continue to improve.

   Tried and proven through the decades, Plano tackle boxes are my “go to” storage solution for organizing and protecting my tackle.  You won’t be disappointed when you try them. But be forewarned; you may become a tackle junky like me!

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