Modifying Lipless Crankbaits for Better Hookups

Hank Parker's Fishing Tips

Hank Parker reveals his secret tips for modifying lipless crankbaits for better hookups when bass fishing.

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Glenn: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with, and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips, where Hank answers your questions. Hank, this question this week, it comes from Mike Burdette from Covington, Washington, and he wants to know what modifications or tweaking do you do to your baits and why?

Hank: Well, you know, that it is a very broad, broad topic when you've got 5,000 different baits, and so I tweak about everything, but let me just tell you one that I do. Any lipless crankbait, I've had so much problems over the years keeping fish on lipless crankbaits. And a couple of years ago, Tommy Martin, pro bass angler Tommy Martin, turned me onto a triple grip hook, which was a treble hook that was bent inward. And I didn't think that would work. I didn't like that idea. I didn't like it when I looked at it. I'd always flared my hooks out, and so all of a sudden, I've got the hooks pointed in. I didn't care much for that. But after I threw that bait with those triple grip hooks, I was totally convinced that was a winner.

So you don't have to change your hooks. You could take two pair needle-nose pliers and very carefully bend those hooks inward, and with a lipless crankbait, fish that you would lose if you didn't have those hooks bent in, you will now catch. So, that's one thing that I always do when I fish lipless crankbaits. 

Glenn: Awesome tip, Hank. Mike, I hope that answers your question. For more tips and tricks, go to Check out all the tips and the articles on there. And if you want to be notified of our next video when we get posted with Hank's tips, just subscribe to our channel. Thanks and have a great day.