Summer Smallmouth: Night or Day?

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Summer smallmouth fishing: Which is better, night fishing or day fishing? Hank Parker gives his perspective on the topic!

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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here with, and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker's Fishing Tips. This week's question, it comes from Bill Playfoot, from Chatham, Ontario, and he wants to know, is smallmouth fishing during summer as good during the night as it is during the day?

Hank: That is a loaded question, Bill. There are people that are very effective night fishermen that will tell you night fishing is much more productive than day fishing, and then you will flip that, you have day fishermen that will tell you night fishing is more productive...or day fishing is more productive than night fishing. So that is two different opinions on different anglers.

I am a daytime fisherman, I like night fishing but never been great at it. It's always messed me up, you know, when I competed, fish really relate to structure, they relate to shade. All of that is so critical for these little ambush points for daytime fishing. That's not the way it is at night. So it always played with my head to get too comfortable night fishing.

So I'm not a good guy to really answer that question because I don't really know. I can just tell you that I like to fish at night, but I'm not the best at it.

So I'm gonna say daytime fishing is always better than night fishing, but that's just a selfish opinion, it's not true at all. Daytime fishing is fun and good, but I'ma tell you, summertime night fishing...

I got a buddy, Bill Huntley, that it's unbelievable how many giant smallmouth he's caught out of the Tennessee River Chain, and he's caught the vast majority of those big bass at night. So he's gonna tell you at summertime night, smallmouth is more productive. That's just opinions of different fishermen.

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