Spinning vs. Baitcasting: When To Use?

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Baitcasting gear vs. spinning, which one should you use and when? Can you use one all the time? The answer is revealed.

Hey folks Glenn May here with BassResource.com and you know what today's line, they're fantastic! Matter of fact, if you go back to when I was a kid, and if you're as old as me, we didn't have too many line choices. Basically monofilament, that was it. There was some braid around but it wasn't used for bass fishing. And now we've got braided line, fluorocarbon line; we've got copolymer line; we've got finesse tactic line. All this stuff, right? Great quality stuff.

But even then, you still have to make sure that your equipment matches the line that you're using for the techniques that you want to fish with. What I'm talking about especially is when you're using less than 10 pound line.


When you're fishing that, you need a limber rod to be able to absorb the shock especially during the fight of the fish. Light line is light line no matter how quality it is and if you got 6 pound test and you're fighting a heavy fish on a stout rod, that line is apt to break. So you need a rod it's got a lot of flex in it. It's got a moderate fast action.

Well when you do that with baitcasting rods, you start bending on this while fighting that fish. No matter how you set it up because of that, you need that flex, that line is gonna touch the rod blank during the fight. Now that will not necessarily break the line, but it could damage it over time and eventually it's gonna wear a weak spot on it and could break off.

But with spinning gear, if you notice the rod guides are underneath. They're there on the bottom. So now you can have a rod blank that bends and flexes as much as you need to. And guess what? That line is never gonna touch that blank during the whole time. So you're not to have any problems with that.

So spinning gear is not only good for fishing light line and light lures and throwing light lures, but it's also great for protecting your line when fishing especially finesse tactics.

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