How To Cast A Spinning Reel For MORE Distance & Accuracy

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Here's how to master casting distance and accuracy with spinning gear.

Hey folks. Glenn May here with, and I saw a question on the forums the other day that said, "How do I get more accurate with spinning gear?" I wanted to give you a couple of tips on how to do that.

One of the first things to keep in mind with spinners if you're familiar with bait casting, you can feather the bait casting reel with your thumb. When you do that, you can get a lot more accuracy. Did you know you can do that with spinning gear too?

If you notice I have a hold of the line here with my finger, but I can put it here on the end of the spool. If you notice I just take my finger off, and I can drop that bait just by lifting my finger off the edge of the spool and stop it again when I put my finger back on.

You can also feather it the same sort of way. You just apply light pressure on the edge of the spool, and you can slow down the lure as it goes towards your target. That's going to help you a lot with your accuracy. That way you're not free forming it. You're not totally dependent on how hard or how soft you cast it.

Another thing to keep in mind is to keep your rod right in front of you the whole time. Don't wave it back here behind you because who knows where it's going to go when you go forward. Keep it right in front of you, and you're going to be a lot more accurate that way. Keep the rod lined up with what your target is. 

One more thing is just use your wrist. You don't need to use your forearm. We're not throwing passes here, so you don't need to do that or anything like that.  It's all wrist. Ninety percent of all casts you make whether bait casting or spinning is wrist, that's it. If you have to, take a piece of paper, put it between your body and your arm to make sure your elbow stays in place, and just use your wrist. You'll get a lot more accuracy that way. It's really simple, just like this.  I feathered it with my finger.

Once you have the feathering  technique down, think about it. You can also flip and pitch. Have you ever done that with spinning gear? It's the same sort of thing. It's the same motion that you would normally do with pitching except now you can feather the reel with your finger. It's really simple just like that. Now you can get really accurate with underhanded pitches for those short little casts in those tight little areas. You can get that lure right where you want it. Again, if you notice, it's just with my wrist using my finger to feather the line. For more tips and tricks like this, visit