Are Moon Phases Important To Fishing?

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Dive into the intriguing relationship between moon phases and bass fishing with our expert analysis. Discover how lunar cycles can influence bass behavior, impacting your fishing success. Learn why monitoring moon phases, along with factors like weather and water temperature, can enhance your strategy. Explore personal observations on fish activity during different moon phases, including why larger catches might coincide with new moons. Perfect for anglers seeking to align their fishing trips with lunar patterns for better results.

Okay. Here's a question I see often on our forums. "How much importance do you put on the moon phases?"

Well, for me, it is a variable that has an impact on bass behavior. It's just another influence to consider. So what I've noticed is, during the daytime, for example, where I'm fishing and the the activity level of the birds and the wildlife, you see this a lot in the mornings, where it's they're really active and guess what, you're catching a lot of fish. And then later on in the day, the bite slows down, you don't catch as many fish and guess what, birds aren't flying around, they're just floating on the water. The cattle, if you see that or dogs, cats, whatever, they're just laying down, they're not moving, they're not very active. And, that's not by happenstance. There's something to it that the moon phases do affect all living creatures, human beings included, and that has an influence on bass behavior.

And I've seen it happen different days of the week and different times of the month. I've noticed personally that a lot of the larger fish that I've caught throughout the years tend to be on or around a new moon. I don't know exactly why but I've noticed that keeping my logs that it happens a lot of times around the new moon. So if I'm planning a vacation, for example, a fishing vacation, I try to say, "Hey, can I plan that vacation around a new moon?" It might up my chances of catching larger fish.

Now, is much of an impact it has on it is up to discussion and debate. But I look at it as another influence just as I would the weather for the day, as well as the season and the water temperature. Just other things to consider when you're out there fishing is what are the moon phases and what's going on with that and how might it affect the bass that day.