The Best Bait For Night Fishing

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Choosing the best bait for night fishing is easier than you might think! Here's the answer.

Here's a question that was sent to me on Facebook. "Hey, Glenn. I do a lot of night fishing. And I want to know what would be your number one lure that you would use for night fishing?"

Yeah. That one's an easy one. For me, it would be a spinnerbait, a black spinnerbait with a single Colorado blade specifically. The reason for that is a couple things. First of all, the bait itself being black, it presents a better silhouette. All colors kind of turn into just a neutral gray color at night, so it doesn't matter what color, what you want is contrast. So black lure presents the most amount of contrast and makes it easier for the bass to see it.

The Colorado blade puts out the most amount of vibration so it helps the bass locate the lure through the vibrations that it produces.

And then finally, a spinnerbait is a fairly weedless lure. And let's face it, when we're out fishing at night, our accuracy isn't all that good. You land on boat docks, you might land on someone's boat or what have you, and it's less susceptible to get to snagging on those things, first of all, and also under the water, there's things that you may not see. For example, there's ropes that are attached to docks or chains that anchor a boat...the boat dock in place. Or there's logs or snags or stumps or other things under the water that you may not see at night, and you could get hung up on him if you say you're fishing a crankbait, but a spinnerbait can go over those things and not get hung up. So that's the reason why I pick a black spinnerbait with a Colorado blade.