Why Do Bass Strike Spinnerbaits?

Spinnerbait Videos
They look fake, but bass still hit spinnerbaits. Why? The surprising truth is revealed in this video!

There we go! Okay. There we go. There we go. That was fun. Thanks for playing buddy.

So here's a good question. A spinnerbait doesn't look like anything you would see in a lake, yet the bass hit it. I don't understand why? Glenn, why do you think this is the case? Well, a spinnerbait, what it does...yeah, you're right. A lot of people have a hard time getting over what a spinnerbait actually looks like. They have a hard time fishing it they don't have all the confidence because it doesn't look like, say, a baitfish or a crawfish.

That said, a spinnerbait appeals to the bass as predatory instincts as well as its senses. This is why it's actually so good at attracting strikes. It does a couple of things.

First of all, it moves quickly through the water column. You use it by fishing it through and by the places where the ambush points where the bass are at. So it goes by very quickly, it almost startles the bass, but they have to react in an instant, they don't have time to think. It's something that's moving that looks alive and that's why they hit it, it's getting away from them.

It also has the flash and vibrations. It looks very realistic, like something moving and going through the water. And those are the type of things that baitfish and other forage have, are those characteristics. So it resembles not visually but it gives off those visual cues that, "Hey, this is something that I like to eat or will eat."

In addition, in my opinion, bass, they are very curious and they don't have hands like us. They can't grab onto something to look at and examine it and touch and feel it to figure out what it is. The only thing they have is their mouth. So they will put something in their mouth to figure out what it is.

And so, a spinnerbait, it looks a little foreign to them, but it gives off all those characteristics that it's something that's alive, that's something that they could eat. And so, some of the bites that you get are because they want to know what that is. So you've got those three different things. It's appealing to their predatory instincts, it's appealing to their visual and the lateral line senses, and it's appealing towards their curiosity. I think that's why spinnerbaits work so well.