Abu Garcia Conolon Fishing Rods

Abu Garcia Conolon Fishing Rods

Trusted Name Returns With New Technology

Conolon rods

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - Conolon rods by Abu Garcia were known as tough, reliable rods with never a problem. Anglers knew to trust the rod with the Conolon label. Now they're back, built with the latest in rod technology.
   IM7 graphite materials are combined with carbon alloy technology to make Conolon rods lightweight with enhanced sensitivity without compromising rod strength. Hard chromium SS304 guides provide maximum strength but are 55 percent lighter than conventional guides.
   The exclusive reel seat design includes precision control lock-up, integrated soft-touch finish and a durable cork handle that lasts season after season.
   Thirteen Conolon rods are available. The six spinning rods include one and two-piece models from a 5'6" light action to a 7' medium rod. Casting rods include six models, all one piece, from a 5'6" medium action to a 7' medium heavy action. The flipping stick is 7'6" long and built for heavy action.
   Conolon rods have a suggested retail price from $39.95 to $44.95.
   To find out more about the Abu Garcia Conolon rods or for the nearest Abu Garcia retailer, call Abu Garcia Angler Services at 1-800-228-4272 or visit Abu-Garcia's Web site.

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