DeBusk Wins BAM Tournament Trail Oroville Pro Am

March 19, 2024
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Oroville, Calif. – In a continual climb through the standings, Wyatt DeBusk of Paso Robles, Calif. is crowned the pro angler champion at the second stop of the BAM Tournament Trail Pro/Am circuit at Lake Oroville. After a 10th place finish in BAM’s season-opener on Shasta, this win puts the 25-year-old on the radar in the Angler of the Year points race.

“I did my first Pro/Am in 2020; so, it’s been a long grind of getting my teeth kicked in and it’s rewarded this year so far,” DeBusk stated.

DeBusk’s Day One limit put him just outside of the top-10 in 11th place with 12.09 and more than two pounds back.

While many anglers slipped in the standings on Day Two, DeBusk remained consistent adding 12.18 to his total and moving into 4th place to secure a spot in the top-10 field cut for Championship Sunday. He sealed the deal on the final day with the largest limit of the event at 14.54. His final weight of 38.81 earned $9,431.73

“This was an unbelievable experience,” said DeBusk. “There are guys in the lineup that know this lake like the back of their hand, like Britt and JR, and you’ve got Greg the master of all these. It was an unbelievable feeling to be able to top those guys.”

The Largemouth Was The Oroville Difference Maker

Championship Sunday, started with a pivotal fish for DeBusk. His first bite was a 5.74 largemouth. “Right off the get-go, I thought oh wow, it could be a magical day,” he said. “I had a tough go after that and missed a lot of bites.”

Although he didn’t boat all of his strikes, DeBusk culled his way up by “little bits at a time” to the big bag of the tournament.

DeBusk was focused on the middle fork. “I was towards the beginning of it and found a bay that was stacked with fish,” he revealed. “I found it the first day of the tournament, not in practice. I was just running points and happen to go in there.” He fished the location each day of the tournament.

There Were Two Winning Baits For Lake Oroville

Predominant baits for DeBusk were the float ‘n’ fly, and a Yamamoto Senko. “In practice I found some fly fish and I was able to catch some A-rig fish, but I never really went to those, because it was too random. I couldn’t get on a solid A-rig bite.”

DeBusk’s fly rig was a Spro Fat Fly in Bold Bluegill tied to a Dobyns Sierra with 15-pound braid married to six-pound fluorocarbon. “I ran it about six to eight-feet, depending on where it slid” he shared. Hi Senko setup was thrown on a Phenix M1. “It was green pumpkin black flake,” the most generic Senko there is.”

Jason Bubier Beats The Oroville Co-Angler Field

Lake local Jason Bubier claimed the co-angler victory with a three-day total of 33.83. Bubier’s middle day of competition came in just under nine-pounds, while his first and last day were each responsible for a 12-plus sack. His final weight put him above his nearest competitor by over a pound. “It’s pretty incredible,” said Bubier. “This is the biggest win I’ve ever gotten. I got amazing draws. It was a  great weekend.”

Jason was tossing a Neko rigged Senko and a Tackle Warehouse exclusive Fatty Z  he was elusive on his lure presentations, Bubier did disclose his rod and reel choices were Dobyns and Daiwa. “I always use Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon and braid, he added. “I like their sinking braid and regular braid.

BAM Tournament Trail Oroville Final Results and Payout


Top-10 Pros:

Place/Angler/Day 1 Big Bass/ Day 1 Weight/Day 2 Big Bass/ Day 2 Weight / Day 3 Weight/Total

1 Wyatt DeBusk 12.09 04.68 12.18 14.54 38.81
2 Greg Gutierrez 03.78 13.33 02.66 11.86 13.09 38.28
3 Aaron Britt 04.35 14.44 09.92 13.79 38.15
4 JR Wright 12.25 04.22 12.42 12.66 37.33
5 Joseph Orozco 03.27 12.96 10.45 13.70 37.11
6 Antonio Gold 04.96 13.79 09.72 13.38 36.89
7 Ryan Hall 02.90 12.83 02.96 09.87 13.70 36.40
8 Asher Haynes 04.72 13.27 03.06 10.43 11.74 35.44
9 Steve Hoover 11.46 03.10 10.94 12.91 35.31
10 Zack Thompson 14.39 08.20 11.43 34.02


Top-10 Co-Anglers:

Place/Angler/Day 1 Big Bass/ Day 1 Weight/Day 2 Big Bass/ Day 2 Weight / Day 3 Weight/Total

1 Jason Bubier 12.27 08.96 12.60 33.83
2 Chris Trumbull 02.60 09.24 02.75 10.78 12.54 32.56
3 Rodney Brown 11.71 02.57 08.88 11.78 32.37
4 Kirk Marshall 09.64 09.85 11.67 31.16
5 Dante Ray 03.36 10.74 07.48 10.59 28.81
6 Craig Main 10.28 09.48 09.02 28.78
7 James Rodgers 09.95 08.88 06.98 25.81
8 Tommy Rice 09.92 08.37 05.89 24.18
9 Gasper Busalacchi 04.79 12.07 09.20 00.00 21.27
10 Roy Desmangles JR 11.80 07.39 02.05 21.24