Fishhound Teams Up with Crappie USA

Fishhound Teams Up with Crappie USA

Sherman Oaks, Calif., Feb. 21, 2013 –, the Web’s fastest growing community-based website and leading provider of real-time fishing reports, has announced its new partnership with Crappie USA, America’s premier organization and tournament trail for crappie fishermen.


The joint marketing agreement between Fishhound and Crappie USA will allow both organizations to cross-market to their growing memberships and educate crappie anglers across the country about the latest fishing tackle, tips and techniques. In addition to providing crappie enthusiasts with current fishing reports and useful fishing information, Fishhound and Crappie USA will also work together on various advertising and co-promotional projects.


According to Rick Patri, Fishhound’s vice president, operations, the partnership will enable both Fishhound and Crappie USA to reach and engage new audiences. “Crappie USA is a great organization with a tremendous following of die-hard anglers passionate about anything and everything to do with crappie,” said Patri. “We look forward to familiarizing their membership with the incredible reports, tools, resources and opportunities available at


Darrell Van Vactor, president of Outdoor Promotions, Inc. is also excited about teaming up with Fishhound. “We are proud to be a corporate partner with Fishhound and know that our anglers at Crappie USA will appreciate the wealth of information and benefits that Fishhound offers.”


Fishhound leverages the viral nature of social media to create a platform where anglers, manufacturers, lodges, tackle shops and a variety of fishing-related businesses interact with one another. By understanding the way changes in buying patterns affect today’s consumer, Fishhound is able to educate and influence the purchasing decisions of more than 1 million social-media savvy anglers per month.

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