Berkley Introduces Ironsilk

Berkley Introduces Ironsilk Berkley IronSilk is the first fishing line made using Reinforced Polymer Matrix technology. Read about this new line inside.....
Berkley Ironsilk

Berkley Ironsilk

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - A fish's mouth is filled with hundreds of super sharp knives. A fish's home is next to a jagged granite rock, beside a barnacle-covered pier or beneath a tree trunk with a heavy and deep bark covering. IronSilk, the new fishing line from Berkley, doesn't care. IronSilk is not like conventional monofilament. Berkley claims, "It's tough as iron, smooth as silk."
    Polymer chemists working within the state of the art laboratories at Berkley have discovered a technical breakthrough that allows a way to molecularly reinforce nylon molecules. They refer to this chemistry as "Reinforced Polymer Matrix." The easiest way to visualize Reinforced Polymer Matrix technology is to think of it as being akin to the using of steel rebar to reinforce concrete. Only this reinforcing system is done at the molecular level and is so incredibly complex that not even electron microscopes can detail the process. Berkley IronSilk is the first fishing line made using this technology.
   Berkley claims IronSilk is 200% - 300% more abrasion resistant than other leading tough-lines. The reinforcing network of the line's construction adds greater resistance to nicks, cuts and line wear. Knots tie strong and tight. With IronSilk the angler has the confidence needed to seek aggressive fish that live in impossible locations and are hard fighting on the hook.
    IronSilk casts smooth as silk, not because of some slick coating of silicone or fluorocarbon. The smooth feel of IronSilk is due to the reinforcing polymer mixture used to create the line. The low co-efficient of friction allows IronSilk to travel through rod guides 10-25% faster, Berkley says, improving casting distance and accuracy. With no line memory like other tough lines, IronSilk lays out flat on the water, giving the angler more control over bait action whether using baitcasting or spinning tackle.
    The low stretch of IronSilk creates a sensitivity unlike monofilament yet the line maintains the shock resistance needed for hard hooksets.
    Low visibility green and Solar Mint Berkley IronSilk are available in line strengths from 4-pound test to 30 in 330-yard filler spools, 25-pound test in a 275-yard filler spool and 30-pound test in a 250-yard filler spool. The suggested retail price for a filler spool of IronSilk is $10.49 for the 4-, 6- and 8-pound spools. IronSilk in 10-pound test and heavier has a suggested retail price of $12.19 per spool.
    To find out more about Berkley products, or for the nearest Berkley retailer, call Berkley Consumer Services at 1-800-BERKLEY or visit the Berkley Fishing website.

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