KastKing Unveils Another New Fishing Rod Series

February 4, 2020
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February 5, 2020 – Lake Eufaula, Alabama, KastKing (www.kastking.com) based in Garden City, Long Island, New York s proud to announce the launch of their new Spirale (French for Spiral) spiral-wrapped casting rods featuring American Tackle Microwave Air fishing line guides on all-new design KastKing fishing rod blanks. KastKing developed five models along with MLF Pro Angler Cliff Crochet, who competes against the best anglers in bass fishing. Known as a true power angler, Cliff “Cajun Baby” Crochet, of Pierre Part, Louisiana played a key role in their design for power fishing techniques, jarring hook sets, and fishing heavy cover. He wanted to make a series of professional level fishing rods that were affordable and easy to understand. The five rods in this series were each designed to cover a wide variety of techniques.

For Spirale, KastKing created two entirely new rod blanks that are thin, light, sensitive and incredibly powerful. Three of the rods use a new Toray high-strength, IM8 graphite blank. The other two Spirale fishing rods use a proprietary 70/30 Complex Composite material to enhance performance with moving baits.

While fishing rods typically have fishing line guides in a straight line on the blank, Crochet and the KastKing team incorporated “Spiral Wrapped” guides in the design of this casting rod series. To further enhance casting distance and accuracy for the Spirale rods KastKing selected American Tackle Microwave Air snag-less guides.

These spiral guides take the rods to the next level in performance over conventionally aligned guides. Fishing line is directed away from the blank as the guides rotate around and under the blank starting after the first stripping guide.

All KastKing Spirale rods have AAA cork rear handles with rubber cork features for durability, high density EVA fighting butts with rubber cork features, and aluminum butt caps.

They are finished in transparent gray in the split rear handle area through the reel seat and above the reel seat. This transitions to an opaque matt gray finish for the rest of the rod and bright red bands for blank designations. Guide wraps are gray to match the blank and are then double coated to resist cracking.    


"Rods with spiral-wrapped line guides are really nothing new,” says Crochet. “They’ve been around, but they were really expensive or only available from custom rod shops. They were always a sort of ‘underground thing’. Many Pros have wanted a rod like this but they just weren’t available on a mass scale or affordable. What KastKing has done is made them universally available at a reasonable price. An especially affordable price for a fishing rod with such high-end engineering. On top of that, KastKing built amazing rod blanks and added American Tackle line guides and reel seats. These rods are versatile. One Spirale rod can cover many different techniques, which can be even more savings for some anglers.

“The light-weight of these Spirale rods is astonishing. There’s nothing else out there like them. What’s more, they don’t give up anything on power. The advantages for the angler are more line control, less backlash and more distance. The spiral wrapping of the guides allow the fishing line to follow its natural course. That keeps your line away from the blank and that eliminates slack, so that increases sensitivity right down to your fish hook. And, the line is hanging on the guides, making it even more sensitive. The American Tackle one-piece reel seats are also an advantage. Your reel won’t twist on you when you’re fighting a fish. I’m looking forward to kicking off the MLF season with KastKing rods and reels.”

Crochet will debut the Spirale fishing rods in fishing competition at the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Stage One, on Lake Eufaula, Alabama happening February 7-12.

KastKing Spirale casting rods will be available to the general public later this month, with an anticipated retail price well below $149. KastKing will continue to produce KastKing Speed Demon Pro fishing rods for bass fishing.


Fishing fans can look for the KastKing Touch Tour Tent and KastKing crew during the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour Stage One event on Friday February 7th and Saturday February 8th at Lakepoint State Park, 104 Lakefront Road, Eufaula Alabama. Fans can visit the KastKing Touch Tent during the evening on those dates to see and feel KastKing Spirale rods and KastKing reels and meet the pros.