KastKing Launches Two New Fishing Rod Series Before The Summer Fishing Season

KastKing Launches Two New Fishing Rod Series Before The Summer Fishing Season KastKing Launches Two New Fishing Rod Series Before The Summer Fishing Season

JUNE 3, 2019 - GARDEN CITY, LONG ISLAND, NY) As a preview to introducing new 2019 fishing tackle products at ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) in Orlando, Florida July 10, 11, 12, KastKing ( unveiled two completely new fishing rod series this week titled Resolute and Crixus. The two series combine for 40 different model rods and includes casting rods and spinning rods. 


KastKing Resolute and KastKing Crixus rods together span a price range of $39.98 to $69.98 and feature components only found in more expensive fishing rods. In addition, the company announced, for the first time they will use multi award-winning, patented design American Tackle Micro Wave Air fishing line guides and American Tackle reel seats, which will be on the Resolute rod series models. 


KastKing Resolute fishing rods with Toray IM7 carbon fiber blanks, American Tackle MicroWave Air Guides, and American Tackle two-piece Bravo Reel Seats have slip resisting SuperPolymer handles. The ultra-sensitive Toray IM7 carbon blanks, offered in 27 sizes range in power ratings from ultra-light to heavy in lengths from 4’6” to 7’6”, are all two-piece construction designed to feel and perform like one-piece rods. KastKing Resolute rods are for multi-species freshwater and inshore saltwater fishing. 


“These have quickly become my favorite fishing rods,” says their designer, Al Noraker VP of Business Development at KastKing. “They are extremely light weight, sensitive, and powerful. That we can offer them with these high-end components to the public at this price is a bonus.


“These patented new American Tackle line guides improve performance in casting distance and accuracy and that is why we’ve used them on all Resolute spinning and casting rods. The stainless-steel frames and Duralight top guide perform great with all fluorocarbon, monofilament and braided fishing lines.”


“We have typically only seen American Tackle line guides on other much more expensive brand fishing rods,” says KastKing Chief Marketing Officer, Tom Gahan. “So, once again, KastKing is the leader in making innovation affordable by putting these revolutionary design rod guides and reel seats on exceptional performance IM7 Toray carbon fiber rod blanks with advanced, water wicking SuperPolymer sharkskin grips in this price range,” 


On their website,,American Tackle Company, Inc. says about their proprietary fishing line guides, “The MicroWave Line Control System is the most awarded technology in fishing tackle history with a total of 5 worldwide Best of Show innovation awards. The reason; it is the most effective and efficient line control system ever created. The very purpose of line guides are to capture loose line coming off of a reel and control it during the cast efficiently allowing the rod and angler to perform at their best. Combining science and practical application, the MicroWave Line Control System captures and controls line immediately in the first guide and throughout the cast with total line control. The results are improved rod reaction and better angler performance.”


“American Tackle is excited to join forces with the emerging brand, KastKing! We’ve been watching this company explode in the marketplace with its meteoric rise.


“Their new Resolute Rod series will feature our American Tackle MicroWave Air Guides, which are a perfect fit. Their extra strong frames and high-performance rings will give any hardcore angler trouble-free enjoyment on the water,” remarked American Tackle Company, Inc.’s President Joseph F Meehan III from the company’s offices in Mashpee, Massachusetts.


KastKing Crixus spinning rods and casting rods are made with Toray IM6 carbon fiber blanks that range in power ratings from light to heavy in lengths from 5’ to 7’6” initially covering 13 different models. All are two-piece construction with technology made to feel the same as one-piece rods. Crixus rods can be used for any species in freshwater and for many inshore saltwater techniques. They have high-strength graphite reel seats. 


Another extra on the KastKing Crixus rods are “golf style” SuperPolymer water wicking handles that offer a better grip than conventional materials. This type of performance handles are usually only found on high-priced fishing rods. 

Stainless-steel guide frames with Zirconium Oxide rings are used on all models of Crixus casting and spinning rods that are compatible with fluorocarbon, monofilament and braided fishing lines.


“The name Resolute speaks for Itself. The name Crixus comes from a Roman gladiator, which gives you an idea of that rod’s potential. They are each in a class of their own,” Says Gahan about the two new KastKing fishing rod series.


KastKing Crixus Fishing Rods will range in retail prices depending on size from $39.98 to $49.98. Resolute rods will sell at $59.98 to $69.98 based on size. They will all be introduced publicly through

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