Rapala Adds New Lures For 2003

Rapala Adds New Lures For 2003

New Lures, Lure Sizes and Colors, Rods and Accessories, Added to Rapala Roster


Minnetonka, Minn. (July 17, 2002) - The lure of the water has never been so powerful. Anglers already know that Rapala makes the world's best fishing gear, and because the company won't rest on successes like the Shad Rap, the Magnum or the Original Floater, Rapala is constantly adding new products to its roster to enhance the fishing experience for anglers around the world. These new products for 2003 demonstrate how Rapala is always looking for better ways to help anglers catch more and bigger fish in both fresh and saltwater. And Rapala's new tools and accessories are loaded with the kind of features that make sense out on the water. That's why more anglers choose millions of Rapala products over and over again, year after year.

Skitter Walk for Freshwater

The lure that has been a tremendous success for saltwater fishing has now entered the freshwater arena. The freshwater Skitter Walk® works the top waters for big fish with all the features tournament pros demand. This lure is specially designed to "walk-the-dog" while internal rattles create a rhythmic cadence that is irresistible to fish. A weighted tail allows for long casts, and the lure's leak-proof, sonic-welded body adds volume to the rattle. Rapala's new freshwater Skitter Walk® is a lure with superior Rapala construction, movement and power to attract the biggest and toughest freshwater game fish.

DT(Dives-To) Series

The DT Series lure is the first crankbait designed to hit a specific strike zone and stay there. Designed by fishing pro David Fritts, this lure features precision details that make the DT the best in its class. While most crankbaits cover only 25 percent of the strike zone, the DTSeries lures stay in the strike zone for almost the entire cast. Two DT Series lure sizes - the DT10 and DT16 - are offered to reach the ideal strike zones, between 10 and 16 feet deep, depending on fishing conditions. For the depths they run, these lures are the smallest in their class. These lures are perfectly balanced for long casting and weighted for quick dives to a resting position. With an internal rattle and 12 lifelike designs to choose from, the DT Series is sure to be the crankbait of choice for successful anglers.

Jointed Shad Rap

The tried-and-true Jointed Shad Rap produces a slow, pronounced movement to entice fish when they are in a negative or sluggish feeding mood. Now the Jointed Shad Rap comes in a smaller one and one-half inch size - perfect for trout and other small game fish.

LC Long Casting Minnow

A smaller size is also available for the LC Long Casting Minnow. The only "long-casting" balsa lure available, the LC Minnow features a "weight transfer system" that rockets the lure 100+ feet, even into the wind. In the water, the weights lock to prevent shifting and then adjust for an easy retrieval. The new size, at three and one eighth inches, is ideal for situations when a smaller, more shallow-running and delicate presentation is appropriate.

ProGuide Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife Set

The first fillet knife that works wherever you are, the ProGuide Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife features a quiet, long-lasting motor inside the body cavity. Two interchangeable blades, at six inches and seven and one-half inches, will meet all filleting needs. An advanced airflow design reduces heat build up in the handle while a relaxed grip body is molded to fit the hand and reduce fatigue. To power the knife, a 110 volt AC/DC adaptor plugs into any wall socket for filleting in the kitchen or garage. A 12 volt DC lighter plug allows the user to power up the knife with a car or boat cigarette lighter while an eighteen foot power cord gives the reach needed to be truly versatile. Optional 12 volt post clips clamp to a boat.

Rapala Tackle Box Guide

New for 2003, the Rapala Tackle Box guide is a comprehensive guide to Rapala running depths. Each Rapala lure is explained in detail, with "must know" information like trolling and casting dive charts that describe the depths that each lure will reach and a lure-to-species selector. The Rapala Tackle Box Guide comes in a re-sealable, waterproof bag and is available at fishing tackle stores or online at With a Rapala model for every water depth, species and fishing method, this guide is sure to be an essential item for every serious angler's tackle box (suggested retail price: $4.95).

New Colors

New colors and lifelike patterns add even more options to the most popular Rapala lures for 2003.
    The Shad Rap®, the world's best running crankbait, and the Shallow Shad Rap offer a new, natural walleye pattern with lifelike "milky eyes." The Super Shad Rap® is also available in more colors. The new patterns for this year, shad and bluegill, are sure to tempt big fish.
   The rattling Husky Jerk® offers glass designs with transparent bodies and holographic foil spines to enhance the life-like look of the lures. The see-thru style comes in natural-looking Glass Perch, Glass Minnow and Glass Blue Minnow.
    More new lifelike designs include the Bluegill and Blue Shad patterns of the Rattlin' Rapala and the CountDown Fire Minnow in bright chartreuse, which will capture the attention of even the most scrutinizing fish.

New Rods

New Rapala Saltwater In-Shore and Salmon/Steelhead Series Rods Two Tournament Class Series specialty rods have been introduced to the Rapala lineup for 2003. Like all Rapala premium rods, the Saltwater In-Shore Series and Salmon/Steelhead Series are created by hand and are made of the most advanced, lightweight graphite for extreme sensitivity. Handles crafted of top grade cork offer a secure grip as well as greater comfort and longevity. The Rapala Maximum Guide System improves rod balance and optimizes load distribution to increase overall performance.
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