SPRO Secures US Distribution of Nories Baits

April 17, 2024
Fishing Tackle & Gear News

Following the Bassmaster Elite circuit over the years, there has been an influx of anglers coming to America from Japan and other countries to compete on the Bassmaster tournament trail. These anglers were known to bring their embraced tactics and baits from back home to help them successfully catch bass here in America on our waters. Team this with BASS Live broadcasting from the boat with these anglers competing on our waters, and you get a close-up look at what baits these anglers are using. Many anglers during the day’s broadcast would also take the time to detail how these baits were being rigged and how they were being fished.

In the last two years, Japan's Taku Ito has not only shown us some of his tactics, but he has also introduced American bass fishermen to a lineup of baits from a company in Japan called Nories. This has sent American bass anglers to the internet searching for ways to order Nories baits to use in their fishing situations.

Paying attention to this trend, SPRO USA has acted and secured distributorship of the Nories lineup of baits here in the US.

SPRO will use its extensive distribution resources and retail partners to bring American bass anglers the baits Nories offers in the US.

For more Nories by SPRO information please contact your local SPRO Representative to place an order, or you can order from SPRO.com.