Vibrating Lures

Vibrating Lures Here how to catch bass with Rat-L-Traps, Silver Buddies, and other crankbaits.
Vibrating baits

Vibrating lures are made of plastic or metal and produce an intense, tight vibration when retrieved. Plastic vibrating lures often have a built-in "sound chamber" filled with rattle-producing shot. These baits sink and can be fished in extremely deep water, especially the thin metal ones. Tailspinner lures are included in this category. They are heavy, compact metal baits with a small spinner on the back end and are especially well-suited to deep-water structure.

When and How to Fish Them

Fish vibrating lures in the following places:

  • On bars, flats and points.
  • Over submerged grass beds.
  • Around stumps.
  • On deep channel drop-offs, humps, etc. (metal styles).
  • For schooling bass.
  • Close to current in rivers and tailraces.

Types of Vibrating Lures

Lipless: crankbaits can be cast a long distance and knocked off most objects without hanging up. Always try to bump them off stumps, rocks or other object. Their unique shape makes them remarkably tangle-free. Fish these for active fish with a fast retrieve.
Thin-metal: vibrating baits are deigned for fishing deep drop-offs and ledges. Cast and let them fall on a tight line, then rip them off the bottom and let fall again. They are extremely good baits for deep smallmouth.
Little George: style tailspinners are fished on deep structure using the tight-line fall. When they reach bottom, sweep back your rod tip and reel at the same time, which makes the spinner twirl.
Spinrite: style baits have a marabou attractor on the hook, often a brilliant color such a chartreuse. They are best fished by slow-reeling the lure so it crawls just off the bottom. Often the fisherman cannot reel slowly enough to provide the right action. The super-slow retrieve is deadly in deep, cold water.


  • Schooling bass are often just out of casting range. A Little George or Silver buddy on light line can be cast a "country mile"; they resemble forage fish to the bass.
  • Bass bunched up on offshore ledges sand bars can be caught efficiently with a lipless crankbait, Use a fast-retrieve reel and a medium-action rod and "burn" the bait back to the boat.
  • When fishing vibrating lures, use a baitcasting reel with a high retrieve ratio.
  • The best colors to use for bassin' are silver with blue back, gold and also perch color. These will out perform other colors in most cases. -- Big Jeff
  • You can use different type of retrieves when you use a lipless crankbait. You can do a steady retrieve or you can stop and go. A lot of anglers make that mistake of stop and go and let the bait sink down to the bottom. You let it sink just for a split second then retrieve again, then so on. Good luck with your fishing. -- Troy
  • Try a crayfish 1\4-ounce Rat-L-Trap in your local pond. Reel it as fast as you can and then stop for about 3-4 seconds and then start again. This will produce more fish for you. -- Pond Fisherman

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