'Tis the Season

'Tis the Season

Fishing for Christmas Presents



There are some really neat Christmas gifts you can purchase for you favorite fishing person. You won't have to go out to the mall and fight traffic. You can order some things by mail, but there are many wonderful items to please the angler in your life at the local tackle shop.
   The local tackle store can be your ace-in-the-hole for special gifts. Many carry state of the art products and all the hottest new items for the fishing enthusiast. You can pick up valuable information from these retailers as well. Having knowledgeable salespersons to assist you with basic information is a true asset not found in all the big department stores. Being helped by someone with fishing knowledge can make the difference in a special gift that delights the recipient and something that must be returned after the holidays.
   Whether you're lining up a little something for your fishing buddy, your boss who is hung up on chasing bass, or your spouse, a nice tackle package can be created at very reasonable prices. Pick out some TanTrum spinnerbaits in several colors. Wazp is making a spinnerbait that is awesome looking. Grab a couple of them as well. Add some Peg-It brass worm weights. Several packages of Berkley Power Worms in a couple of sizes and colors also make a nice addition.
   Don't forget the hard baits. Standards like Storm's Rattlin' Chug Bug or Thunderstick and Norman's DD series cover the top and bottom.
   You can even throw in a little mood music with a copy of the Country Music and Fishin' cassette tape featuring the voice and fishing songs by Wade Hatton.
   In fact, the Berkley line of Power Baits is so vast, you can put together quite an assortment for about $30. All kinds of nifty items such as Oldham's Screw Lock hooks and jigs can be added to your tackle package to make it an all-round type of sampler.
   You can put together a nice tackle package for the avid angler for under $25 and have them be all smiles come Christmas morning. Or at least by the next trip to the lake.
   For the ultimate fishing person who's been very good this year, check out the new Morrum reels and assortment of well-made rods.
   There are handy items like the Saf-T-Brite light available from B & R Manufacturing in Cleburne. This is an exceptional value, and handy for the person who likes to fish at night. Retailing at $39.95, it's a good buy and will help keep your nighttime fishermen safe in the dark.
   My favorite for the tournament angler has to be Livewell Larry. At $18.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling, it's a bargain. Whether you're crappie fishing or holding five bass until weigh-in time, it'll help get them out of the livewell. No fuss, no hardship for your hands from the deadly dorsal fins of an angry largemouth bass. Not only that, there's no chasing them around the livewell until they're tired.
   If rods and reels for the kids are an item on your wish list, keep it simple. Coleman has a nice cane pole kit for the beginner. It's a great starter set that's not too complicated. Zebco, as always, has many very nice models to choose from. Their reels are usually trouble free and dependable. Most of these beginner sets are very reasonably priced. They come in a variety of models, colors, and sizes.
   For the older kids, like me, a big new Hawk boat parked in the driveway would be nice. A big red bow on the motor would be nice, especially if it's an Evinrude 225 hp Vindicator. Mind, I wouldn't turn it down without the bow, either.
   Of course I live in Lone Oak, not on Fantasy Island. Besides, I don't think Santa has a trailer hitch on his sleigh. No harm in Christmas wishing.
   I have always been partial to Garcia reels because of their dependability. Garcia has a new spinning reel out called the TD series with six ball bearings. This would make a nice stocking stuffer, especially if it were hanging next to a shiny new rod to put it on.
   When buying rods for the serious angler, poke around a little and find out what baits they will be using. If your angler loves to fish a worm or throw crankbaits or spinnerbaits, rod choices will be different. A good rod for worm fishing is a heavy to medium-heavy, six- to seven-foot graphite rod. These two rod actions can also be used for flipping a jig or fishing a Carolina rig.
   Medium action rods are good for crankbaits and topwaters. A medium action rod is just about always a good choice, even if you can't pull any information out of the intended recipient. Some reliable brands are Berkley, Falcon, Quantum, and Castaway. These companies all make quality rods with warranties.
   There is an assortment of odds and ends presents such as Blakemore's Brush Grippers, fishing gloves, line clippers, fishing line, polarized sunglasses, thermal socks, rain suits, or even a new Suburban (hint, hint).
   Gifts like Berkley's OT050 or The Equalizer personal digital scales make a nice addition to the serious tournament competitor's boat. When given in addition to a Livewell Larry, you can't go wrong.
   Shopping where there are a variety of items desired by the fisherman can make your shopping faster and easier. But don't overlook gifts that last a whole year like a subscription to Honey Hole. Among this assortment there are caps and T-shirts as well. They'll even send a little gift letter with your purchase.
   Almost all retail outlets offer gift certificates as well. If you aren't sure of what to buy, simply purchase one of these and let the recipient choose a gift suited to their fishing needs.
   From bottles of Super Pork to maps like the new Martin's map series, and larger items such as J & B's extremely useful jack plate or Hamby's Protectors, and on to even a year's supply of BG Products you can make the fishermen in you life very happy.
   A good source of Christmas cheer lies waiting in tackle and sporting goods shops across the state. We should not forget as well, a special trip with a knowledgeable guide to fish at Lake Fork or other favored reservoir would be a pleasant surprise. There are many guides offering educational trips that give much more to the client than just a day of good fishing. You can hire one to help you give a gift of long lasting value.
   Don't just buy the usual new pairs of socks or underwear this year. Give a gift that delights the recipient and helps them pursue the wonderful sport of fishing. Better yet, get some of these selections for someone you want to interest in the sport.
   May you have a very merry Christmas and safe and happy New Year. God Bless you and yours.

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