Crankbait Types

Crankbait Types The various crankbait styles and shapes are explained and shown here!
Lipless rattling crankbaits that sink can be counted down as deep as you like
Top left: Bomber Fat A
Top right: Rapala Fat Rap
Center left: Rat-L-Trap
Center right: Cordell Spot
Bottom: Berkley Frenzy
Wood crankbaits like these deep-diving Poe's baits need to be checked frequently for nicks and gouges in the finish. If water penetrates the wood, it can weaken the bait
Top left: Wiggle Wart
Top right: Bekley Frenzy
Center left: Lightnin' Shad
Center right: Fat Free Shad
Bottom left: Fat Free Shad
Bottom right: Mann's 15+
You can add weight to a crankbait and make it run even deeper by adding Suspend strips or sticky lead
Dark colored crankbaits are good in low-light conditions.

Reprinted with permission from Bass West Magazine

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