Family Fishing Duos

Family Fishing Duos Professional fishing often is a family affair. Check out these famous, and soon-to-be famous fishing duos. And find out about Princess Hogsnatcher!


Jordan and Sadie with their fish

Jordan and Sadie with their fish

A few years back, angler Aaron Martens was given the nick name “Hogsnatcher” by TV host Mark Zona because Aaron was catching giant bass everywhere he went. In 2015 Aaron won the Elite tournament at Lake Havasu on Mother’s Day. Zona called him after the tournament while Aaron and his mom (me) were having a celebration dinner. I could hear Zona singing to Aaron on the phone and after they hung up Aaron said Zona made up a song about him now being the “Furious Hogsnatcher!” He won that event on a black bird pattern catching a bunch of big bass in the tulles at the end of the last day.

   Two years later something very exciting has happened. Aaron and Lesley’s daughter – my granddaughter Jordan – made history. Jordan and her friend Sadie, who became a fishing team two years ago and were the only girls’ team among the six teams in the travel team program as well as in the whole circuit, had a tournament the weekend before the Bassmaster Classic and won the event! They were the first girls’ team to ever win an event, and they did it with a 19.22lb limit.

   Jordan caught a Hog that weighed 5.91lbs coming in second biggest fish to a 5.95 lb. bass. Each girl won a $1,000 scholarship, trophy and fishing rod for their win. During all the excitement, someone was overheard saying Jordan was the new “Princess Hogsnatcher” and that’s more fitting than they could know.

   For years Jordan has fished with her dad and she has caught a bunch of bass over 7 lbs. that were mostly smallmouth. However, her biggest bass was a largemouth over 10lbs. You can still see that video of Jordan catching it on YouTube that went viral about 5 years ago.

   Jordan may have caught more big fish in just 5 years than I have caught in thirty. My biggest bass was also over 10 lbs. and I caught it in a night tournament on Castaic way before Jordan was born. Back to Jordan.


High School Bass Tournaments

   Jordon’s circuit has six teams that fish nine events per year with over two hundred other high school teams in Alabama.  You might be wondering how 400 high school kids in Alabama are able to fish tournaments before they drive a car. In this high school circuit, each team has a captain who has their own boat. The captain who is a family member or friend drives the boat and decides with the students where to fish.

   Aaron has been Jordan and Sadie’s captain in the past, but this time it was family friend Joe Durham who owns one of Aarons’ previous boats that had the happy task of being the girls captain. Joe stepped in because Aaron was in Tennessee for the Bassmaster Classic. As fate would have it, Jordan and Sadie had their best tournament and Aaron had his worst! You can imagine the teasing he got but he was so proud of the girls that it helped sooth his wounds.

   I asked Jordan what stands out to her about that day. She laughingly said it was Joe their captain not telling them all day long that they were leading. Joe is a very competitive person and she thinks he did that so they would fish harder and not slack off. She remembers going into the weigh-in thinking they didn’t have a chance of winning. When they arrived at the dock, tons of people descended on their boat all excited that they indeed had the winning weight. Joe said it was a blast and totally enjoyed being a part of history.

   Aaron was so proud and said that he doesn’t remember Jordan ever being that excited or happy before, especially about fishing. He also said that Jordan requires very little help with her fishing which means he taught her well. Nice job Jordan and Sadie! Now on to another popular family duo.

Scott Martin & Carol Martens (the author)

Scott Martin & Carol Martens (the author)


The Martin duo

 At the Classic, Aaron and I were chatting with Scott Martin who is the son of Roland Martin. Scott told us his father Roland is still going strong at 79 yrs. old and hasn’t slowed down at all. I shared that Roland’s’ wife Judy and I were buddies for years and did Bass Bin presentations together a number of times at the Fred Hall Show.

   In those days Aaron and I were also friends with Roland and fished some of the same tournaments. I was asked a number of times if Roland was my husband and Aarons’ dad? We all thought that was pretty funny and points out that names that sound alike may not be spelled alike. My husband Jerry never attended any of our events because he was too busy working to pay the bills. Many people thought Aaron had rich parents, which was far from the truth.

   I didn’t know that Scott has four grown kids; two boys and two girls. Scott was excited to share that his teen age daughter Hillary loves to fish just like Jordan. For a recent birthday gift she asked Scott to take her fishing which really surprised him. Hillary also let Scott know that in addition to fun fishing, she wants to fish tournaments. It sounds to me there’s another “Princess Hogsnatcher” in the making.

   You might want to Google Scott Martin and his kids fishing shows. They are very entertaining and useful if you want to take your family fishing. 

Alton Jones Jr.

Alton Jones Jr.


The Jones Duo

Another parent and child come to mind that may include a Prince Hogsnatcher and that would be Alton Jones and Alton Jr. Alton Jr. became an Elite Rookie in 2017 because he won the Central Open on the Red River. Alton Jr and his dad were actually tied in AOY points that same year after the 5th event and both went on to fish the Classic. It was Alton Sr.’s 18th and Alton Jr’s 1st.  Alton Sr. actually won a Classic back in 2008.

   Alton Jr qualified for his second Classic in 2018 and fished without his dad who didn’t qualify in Knoxville this year. Alton Jr. was in the money 22 times while in BASS and has just turned 27 yrs. old and was recently married. In talking to Alton Jr at the Classic he let me know how supportive his dad is and how he’s looking forward to fishing MLF with his dad beginning this year.

   Alton Sr. recently shared that he and his son usually talk once a day during practice about the fishing conditions but they never share spots and they find their own fish. Already as of March, Alton Sr. is 9th pl. in the Bass Pro Tour standings and Alton Jr. is in 22nd. It looks to be an exciting year in MLF for both. Today I’ve been watching the Elimination Round of Stage Four of MLF and Alton Sr. was second into the twenty cut with 72.05 lbs. and Alton Jr. was second out of the cut with 66.10 lbs. So the saga continues.

Chris and Bobby Lane

Chris and Bobby Lane


The Lane Duo

Here’s another thought; could there be brother Hogsnatchers? I would say yes, most defiantly and I know them very well. That would be the Lane brothers, big brother Bobby (49) and Chris (48). These two have fished all their lives and it seems that more times than not, they are right together in the mix during their tournaments. In BASS, Bobby has fished over 128 events with one win and qualified for 11 Classics, and Chris has fished over 170 events with 7 wins and qualified for 6 Classics.

   Years ago, both of them qualified for the Elites by fishing the Southern Opens. For years up to now they both were fishing BASS and MLF. In MLF Bobby has been in top twenties 90 times, top ten 64 times and five wins. Bobby has also won the world Championship in 2017 and has almost two million in winnings. Chris has been in top twenties 50 times and top 10 39 times and has had 8 wins and has earned over two million. During Stage 4 event of MLF, Aaron Martens won Elimination Round One with 94 lbs. and Bobby made the top twenty cut in 15th pl. and Chris came in 19th.  So now the question is who will be in the top ten Sunday and wins Stage Four?

   When I think about Chris, he loves shouting POW when he catches a big fish, and Bobby has the nick name Big Fish Bobby. Regardless, they both get their share of big ones in their own unique way. It’s rumored they always have side bets during their tournaments.

   Chris and family live in Alabama while Bobby and family live in Florida. But even with the distance between them, it’s apparent to me they have kept the family ties tight. As good friends, Aaron and his family in Alabama are right there in the middle when it comes to family trips and get-togethers with all the Lanes.

   And by the way, Russ Lane isn’t their brother which just goes to prove if names are spelled alike doesn’t mean they are related. More about your favorite anglers next time.

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