Kevin VanDam on October

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Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam is often described as bass fishing's fastest man, and certainly October is proving to be anything but slow for him.

Q: You began October with a trip to see the Detroit Lions play - tell us about that.

KVD: Yep, unfortunately, I've suffered through a lot of losing seasons as a Detroit Lions fan, but I still root for them. We're good friends with Mark Zona's family, they don't live too far from us here in Michigan, but Mark grew up in Chicago rooting for the Bears. So we figured since the Bears were coming to play the Lions in Detroit, we'd all go to the game together.

Q: Soon after the Lions-Bears game, you headed to the PAA Corporate Cup tournament, but as a TV commentator, not a competitor, did it feel strange not to be competing?

KVD: No, actually I enjoyed working as a commentator, I know most of the pros and their fishing styles. I had fun with it. The toughest part was analyzing the corporate partners who teamed-up with the pros.

Q: What's going to keep you busy during the last half of October?

KVD: I need to finish filming for "The Bass Pros" TV show that airs on Versus.

Q: You're an avid deer hunter - what's your plan for taking a trophy this fall?

KVD: Yea, I'd definitely like to get into a treestand before the month is over. Most of my hunting will take place near home this year, my sons are getting to be the perfect age to do some rabbit hunting, so we'll do some of that, and then I'll do some deer hunting too.

Q: If you were going to carry just three lures to catch a Largemouth anywhere in America during the month of October what would they be?

KVD: I'd take a Sexy Shad colored Strike King 4S crankbait, and a double willow bladed Sexy Shad colored spinnerbait, and also something to pitch and flip with like a 3/8 oz. Texas Craw colored Strike King jig.

Q: Speaking of October, in October of 1997 you won a BASS event at Buggs Island, VA - do you remember it?

KVD: You bet I remember it. I won it on the classic autumn pattern of following the shad to the back of the creeks on the upper end of the lake. I caught them on a square-bill crankbait around the less obvious pieces of isolated cover that other guys didn't fish as thoroughly.