What Do They Have, That I Don't?

What Do They Have, That I Don't? What separates the pros from the average angler? Do you have the hidden talents they exploit?



Have you ever asked yourself, "What do they have that I don't have? What do the pro do different then me?" Well I think I figured it out. Pro anglers like VanDam, Swindle, and Iaconelli to name a few are the top of the top and it seams like they are always winning or at least in the top ten. So what makes them so good? Well I'm going to tell you.


Experience is 80% of why they are so good. They have been fishing for a long time, probably since they were a small child. They know the sport inside and out, backwards and forwards. They have spent years tuning their skills and perfecting them to the point where they can catch fish in just about every situation that confronts them.


Knowledge is very important in fishing and the pros know that. They have spent many years reading, researching and learning everything they can about bass to find out what their habits are, where to find them, and what they eat. They spend countless hours reading on the Internet, in fishing magazines, and in books. In addition, they spend their time out on the water studying bass.

Equipment and efficiency

Their equipment is top-of-the-line, the best that money can buy. They lubricate their reels many times a year. They keep everything in the best condition they can get in so that it works properly. They have a wide variety of lures in many different colors, shapes and sizes so that they can fish in any condition there is. Plus they know how to fish just about every lure they have.


They research the lake they are going to be fishing. They learn as much as possible about the lake before they even get on the water. They call local tackle stores to see where the fish are biting and what they're biting on. They hire local guides to take them out and teach them how to fish the lake that they are going to be fishing in the upcoming tournament. They talk to the locals - the ones who have been fishing the lake for years and know the lake.


Have you ever noticed that the top pros know that they are going to win? They just know that they know that they are going to win the tournament. That's the confidence that help them get a limit. They believe that on every cast they will catch a fish. They go for a win instead of just a good finish.


Now this isn't why they win, but this is why they are known by every serous bass angler. They have the ability to market themselves. In the off season they do public appearances, they talk to the press, they get on TV shows. They try to keep their name in front of the public.
   I hope this will help you be a better tournament angler. Until next time, GOOD FISHING.

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