Big Sexy Favorite Fishing Rod Review

Big Sexy Favorite Fishing Rod Review We tested and reviewed the Big Sexy fishing rod from Favorite Fishing. Is it the right rod for you? Take a look inside to find out.


Favorite Fishing Big Sexy Rod

I’ve had the chance to fish the “Big Sexy” rod by Favorite Fishing the past few months. I chose the 7-foot, medium-heavy power rod, because it’s an all-purpose rod most, if not all, bass anglers have in their arsenal.

   The first thing I noticed about the rod is how light it is. It weighs in at mere ounces. After my initial reaction, I carefully inspected the rod, and noted the quality craftsmanship.  From the Kevlar wrapped base, graphite upper, and the Fuji components, it’s clear they put a lot of thought and engineering into the rod.

   One feature I liked is the hook keeper design.  It “locks” a lure in place. You just snap the hook in the hook keeper. Viola! You’re done. It’s not a curved hook that the bait must be reeled up snug against in order to stay in place. It’s a spring, so it holds the bait in place during bumpy blast offs come tournament time.  No more tangled line in the rod box. I love that.

Favorite Fishing Big Sexy Rod

   Another often-overlooked feature is the knob used to tighten the reel to the reel seat.  On some rods I’ve used, the knob juts out and rubs against my fingers as I fish.  By the end of the day, my fingers feel raw and even sometimes start to blister on the spot where the knob hits my fingers.  I was delighted to see a sleek and compact knob on the Favorite Big Sexy that sits completely flush against the reel seat.  It’s unobtrusive as I fish, yet is easy enough to grip when I need to use it.

   The BSXC-701MHis an all-purpose rod that can be used for a variety of purposes. It’s a medium-heavy action rod rated for 12- to 20-pound line and 3/8- to ¾-ounce lures.  It has a fast-action, sensitive tip with plenty of backbone to pull a lunker out of heavy cover.  I’ve used this rod for spinnerbait fishing, pitching thick cover, and worm fishing along docks, but it’s versatile enough to use for many other techniques as well, making it a great choice for starting out your arsenal, or filling out your rod lineup with a proverbial “Swiss Army knife.” 

   I carefully inspected the rod, and noted the quality craftsmanship. It utilizes a cork rear grip with an EVA butt, sleek hood combination without a foregrip to minimize weight. Overall, the rod has a comfortable fit and feel.

   A couple features caught my eye include:

  • The hood combination is designed so the reel seat threads are not exposed
  • The K-R Concept guides are smaller than average, but larger than micro-guides, often called “mini-guides.” This allows for improved knot clearance.
  • The hook keeper placement is located on the underside of the blank to prevent interference with my line when fishing.
Graphite Wrap

Graphite Wrap

I am thoroughly impressed with this rod. I could feel the slow swimming action of the lures as I fished them. I felt every pulse, twitch, and quiver. I could even tell when a blade of grass hung on the lure! The featherlight weight of the rod made it so I could fish with it for long periods of time without tiring.

   Obviously they’ve put a lot of thought and effort into the design, and it shows. At $199.99, this rod performs as you would expect, and it even comes with a rod sleeve. You won’t be disappointed.

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