The Buzzy Rod

The Buzzy Rod The Buzzy Rod is fairly normal looking except for the tell-tale button for "buzzing." Discover what we mean inside.



Fishing technologies have come a long way. Yep, we got all kinds of fancy things to help us fish better. Our boats are better and so are tackle, lures, and other little "necessities of life." It's a whole modern world of fishing these days!
   But one thing that's never changed for fishermen is the requirement to make a lure jump, skitter and splash, wiggle and hop. That little piece of wood, plastic or whatever has to look real and "alive" for a bass to want it. Even if you're "dead sticking" a bait, it still has to look like it's at least partly alive. And imparting that action to a lure has become quite an art form among anglers over the years. For every lure, there's a technique for making it do a little dance that will entice a big ol' bass to hit it.
   So enter now, a new innovation that can help you enhance the action of your lure without you having to do a thing except push a little button.
   Dubbed Buzzy Rod by its creator, buzz is what it does. Vibration technology at its best to make that lure on the end of your line "feel" alive by putting out vibrations bass can, and do, sense. And it may just be the edge fishing people are looking for.
   The Buzzy Rod does require a little better treatment than your average rod. You can't mistreat it and expect it to keep working. But a well cared for Buzzy Rod will likely serve you best when fishing is tough, and the bass need that little something extra to nudge them off suspension. It only requires dry storage and if it rains, as often it does when we're fishing, simply wrap the handle and reel seat portion in a plastic bag and tape it down to keep the rain out of the mechanism. Not too hard certainly and worth the potential benefits.
   The rod takes a AAA battery, to keep the buzzer running. But it's easily replaced if you can't help yourself and simply must play buzzer man for hours on end when you first get it!
   The buzzing apparatus can be turned on for sporadic bursts of vibration that, regardless of lure choice, certainly will add enhancement to your presentations. Whether you're fishing a worm or jig slowly on the bottom - especially in thick grass or other cover - or just about anything else the key asset is the fact that bass are sensitive to vibration of any type. And the Buzzy Rod provides that without you trying to do a palsy trick with your own hands which certainly wouldn't be easy to accomplish without wearing yourself out. Moreover it's doubtful you could create such attuned vibrations with only hand movements. That would indeed be some fast "fiddling."
   The applications are limited only by your choice of course. But think how long you would be able to leave a lure in the strike zone and simply hit the buzzer every now and then to attract attention.
   The rig is a little pricey starting at $189, but it's made of quality components and it's backed by a limited warranty that ought to suffice pretty well especially in light of the fact that quality rods often top this price mark. Besides, what's your next tournament win going to be worth to you?
   From display fish tanks in tackle shops right out onto anyone's favorite lake, the Buzzy Rod has been tested again and again and without fail, fish are attracted to the vibration and will hit the lure attached to the end of the line. The company has two standard custom designed models right now, but they will also create a completely custom Buzzy Rod from components you select as well. The lengths available in the standard models are 6-foot, five-inch and 7- foot but Vibra Technologies, Inc. will also custom design.
   Each Buzzy is designed from a Shakari rod blank of 33 million modulous, with Titanium Exide double-footed guides. They carry a Fuji reel seat and sport a nine-inch cork handle. The rod guides are all lined up with the spline of the rod, as they should be (but in many cases aren't in today's rods). It's a quality rod right down to the core.
   It may be new, but it's catching on fast - uh catching bass fast that is! Don't be left behind on the technology front - get one now before your own partner starts making "buzzing" noises and catches all the fish!
   For more information, or contact Vibra Technologies, Inc. at 1-800-504-RODS. You can also e-mail CEO Steve Moon at TheBuzzyMan@aol-com.

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