Fireline Ultra 8 Review

Fireline Ultra 8 Review

Fireline Ultra 8 delivers on its promises of increased strength, abrasion resistance and manageability


Fireline Ultra 8

Berkley Fireline was one of the first widely available braided lines for bass fishing. Anglers were drawn to its strength, small diameter and abrasion resistance, all better than what other lines offered at the time. Its latest version — Fireline Ultra 8 — further distances itself from the pack.

   Fireline Ultra 8 is made by twisting and thermally bonding eight strands of Dyneema® PE fibers, twice the number used in original Fireline. The additional fibers make it rounder and smoother, allowing it to move through your rod’s line guides faster and quieter.

   Fireline Ultra 8 is exceptionally strong and thin. The latter means your reel’s spool will hold more, compared to other brands or materials of the same pound test. I found it to be extremely abrasion resistant. Berkley claims it’s four times more abrasion resistant than original Fireline.

   While Fireline Ultra 8 seems a bit stiff out of the package, it becomes soft and flexible when wet. It delivers on Berkley’s promise of 10-percent longer casts. And if you make a bad cast — and I’m prone to doing just that — it seems less likely to jump off your reel’s spool and create an unmanageable mess.

   Fireline Ultra 8 works in many fishing situations, and it’s affordable — $19.99 to $199.99, depending on line strength and spool size — when compared to other braided lines. It’s available in two colors — crystal and smoke — and 125-, 300- and 1,500-yard spools. You can choose from a wide range of break strengths: 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 14-, 17-, 20- or 30-pound test.

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