Gulp! Super Baits

Gulp! Super Baits We so many new Berkley baits available today, we give you this overview of all the various Berkley Gulp! baits.

SPIRIT LAKE, IOWA - The new Gulp! baits from Berkley are available in ten distinct fish catching shapes including the 5-inch Sinking Minnow, the 4, 7 and 10-inch Turtle Back™ Worm, the 4 and 7-inch Minnow Worm, the 6-inch Nightcrawler and the 2 and 3-inch Minnow Grub. There are also five natural looking extruded baits of nightcrawlers, earthworms, maggots, grubs ad corn.
   The Gulp! Sinking Minnow is ideal for weedless presentations for suspended bass along grasslines, around docks or vertical cover. Fished weightless, the Sinking Minnow slowly falls with a shimmy fish can't resist. The bait can also be rigged Texas, Carolina or wacky style. Ten proven colors are offered including green pumpkin, purple, black, watermelon, chartreuse and pepper, pumpkinseed, watermelon with red glitter, June Bug, pearl with silver and black with red fleck. A package of 10 Gulp! Sinking Minnows has a suggested retail price of $5.49.
   Three sizes of the new uniquely shaped Gulp! Turtle Back Worm are introduced, a small 4-inch version, a 7-inch and the large 10-inch worm. Turtle Back Worms can be pitched, flipped and cast into the heaviest cover of brush, the thickest mats and grass beds and anywhere a big bass might lurk. Anglers will find Turtle Back Worms in black, blue fleck, green pumpkin, black grape with green glitter, pumpkin with green glitter, pumpkinseed, purple, June Bug, watermelon and black with red glitter. The suggested retail price is $5.49 for a package of six 10", package of ten 7" or package of twelve 4" Gulp! Turtle Back Worms.
   Another new and unique Gulp! bait is the Minnow Worm, available in 4 and 7-inch lengths. The swim tail design is like no other bait on the market and gives the Minnow Worm it's own distinctive action in the water. The tail is plumply shaped and curves nearly into a complete circle but has a fluid motion in the water. The ten colors of minnow worm include black, blue fleck, green pumpkin, black grape with green glitter, pumpkin with green glitter, pumpkinseed, purple, June Bug, watermelon and black with red glitter. A package of ten 7-inch or twelve 4-inch Gulp! Minnow Worms has a suggested retail price of $5.49.
   The 6" Gulp! Nightcrawler works anywhere the traditional plastic worm is used and can be put on Lindy rigs and other live bait setups. Nine popular colors are available including green pumpkin, chartreuse, black, watermelon, watermelon with red glitter, natural, pumpkinseed, June Bug and black with red fleck. The suggested retail price for a package of 10 Gulp! Nightcrawlers is $5.49.
   The Gulp! Minnow Grub dresses up a jig head or live bait presentation and can also be used in drop shotting. The 2 and 3-inch lengths feature a curly tail and plump body attractive to every game fish. Colors include black, chartreuse, pumpkinseed, red, pearl white, yellow, pink and florescent orange. A package of six Gulp! Minnow Grubs has a suggested retail price of $5.49.
   There's no debating the power of corn when it comes to trout fishing and the Gulp! Corn bait will outfish the real McCoy hands down. The yellow corn bait looks real too. A single Corn rigged on a light egg hook is irresistible to trout. A .9 ounce jar containing approximately 100 Corn baits has a suggested retail price of $3.99.
   Four of the new Gulp! baits not only have the new flavor and scent to attract fish, but they also have the look. These extruded natural shaped and colored baits mimic a nightcrawler, earthworm, maggot and grub with an appearance that takes a second look to decide what's real and what's Gulp!. But all are far more durable and longer lasting on the hook than their live counterparts.
   The extruded nightcrawler measures 6 inches long and colors include black, red wiggler and natural. A package of ten has a suggested retail price of $5.49. The skinny earthworms, available in a .64-ounce jar of 15, measure a little over an inch long and come in brown, red wiggler and black colors. No panfish can resist a gob of the tiny maggot bait, the .9-ounce jar holds 75 baits, on a straight shanked hook under a bobber. Colors include pink, chartreuse and natural. The tiny 1-inch grubs, in orange, yellow or natural, can be cast, jigged or drifted on a jig and are attractive to every game fish. The grubs are packaged in a .9-ounce jar. A jar of natural looking Gulp! baits has a suggested retail price of $3.95.
   To find out more about the 100% biodegradable Berkley Gulp! baits or for the nearest Berkley retailer, call Berkley Angler Services at 1-800-BERKLEY or visit the Berkley web site at:

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