Kevin VanDam Line & Lure Conditioner

Kevin VanDam Line & Lure Conditioner It's supposed to improve your line, but does it? Find out if this product lives up to its claims.

Recently, we put bottles of Kevin VanDam Line & Lure Conditioner into the hands of four prominent, trusted forum members and asked them for their candid reviews. NONE of them are sponsored nor paid by Kevin VanDam Line & Lure Conditioner. We did not edit their comments. Following are their responses.

Redline Robert

So I've never used any line conditioner in the past, and to be honest I always thought these were nothing more than a gimmick. My initial opinion could not be further from the truth.
    In order for the test to be fair, I had to have a control rod/reel, which was identical to the rod/reel that had the KVD conditioner. The night before the test, I followed the directions and sprayed on the line, guides and spool of rod/reel A. Rod/reel B was left alone. The rods I was using for the test were my Steez 7'1" with Alphas Ito reels, spooled with 14 lb fluorocarbon. I was using a 1/2 oz Megabass 110 for both set ups.
    Well the fishing could have been better today. Weather was nice and the wind picked up in the afternoon, but overall, I am really impressed with this KVD "sauce". I found the line to be easier to handle, as fluorocarbon is typically tougher to deal with than mono. I was able to cast further with the KVD treated combo than with combo B, and honestly will more than likely continue to use this stuff.
    To be quite honest I am pleasantly surprised by the results!
-Robert a.k.a. Redline Robert

Kent Smith

Kevin VanDam Line & Lure Conditioner is the BOMB!
    After using this conditioner for the past several months, I have some very specific observations:

  1. KVD Line & Lure is uniquely formulated to bond with fishing line. This is not just a "coating" that rinses off over time, but an application that becomes a part of the line. The finish is smooth and slick and stays that way permanently.
  2. Line memory or lack of memory is very important to me. Although the line I fish (Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ultra Soft) has very little memory while in use, KVD Line & Lure Conditioner reduces what remains. For other copolymer and monofilament lines, the effect would be very noticeable.
  3. Casting distance may improve due to the lubricating properties of the conditioner, but in the unlikely event of a "professional overrun", KVD Line & Lure significantly reduces the tangle and time required to get back in business!
  4. Finally, although the initial cost is low, when spread over time it is almost nothing. I have thoroughly conditioned nine reels, some several times when respooling. In addition to the initial coating, I spray KVD Line & Lure Conditioner on my lines before and after every outing. I have also nearly soaked every reserve spool of line I have, which is suggested by the way. With all this usage, I still have more than half of the bottle left! Even with heavy usage, this product will last a long time.

I like KevinVan Dam Line & Lure Conditioner and recommend that you give it a try. You will not be disappointed, promise!
-Kent a.k.a. Road Warrior

Scott Brown

KVD Line & Lure Conditioner, what can I say? After 7 weeks of applying this to my line and rod guides, I'm a believer. From the first few casts I could easily tell that everything about my casts was smoother, with less friction. I gained some distance on my casts which was real apparent when throwing lighter baits.
    KVD Line Conditioner also does wonders on line that has a reputation for high memory. Light fluorocarbon line was no problem, and did not "kink" up like it sometimes did before. On my heavier mono and fluorocarbon lines, those are now easier to cast and handle - the KVD spray has added a limpness to my heavier test lines. It's definitely a welcome change. Picking out "professional over-runs" is easier now and the line does not kink as bad now when over-ran and I'm sure that helps with overall strength. This product also helps with knots and it was very easy to see that right off. Although I have broken my line a few times already, it wasn't because my knots slipped out.
    Just a few days ago, I realized that I've now been fishing for almost 3 months this year and have been using the KVD Line Conditioner for almost two of those months. By this time, mid April, I have changed all lines on every reel, but not this year. I'm still going strong with the lines I started the season with and I attribute that to using the KVD product. As expensive as lines are these days, it doesn't make good sense to go without the KVD Line and Lure Conditioner; it will save you money in the long run.
-Scott a.k.a. five.bass.limit

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