Recycled Squirrel Tails

Recycled Squirrel Tails What do squirrel hunting and fishing have in common? You might be very surprised. We reveal the secret inside.

ANTIGO WI -- Mepps, manufacturer of in-line spinners, is asking hunters to save their squirrel tails. The tails are used to dress the hooks of Mepps, the original French spinner.
   Mepps has been buying the tails of fox, black, gray and red squirrels for more than three decades, and will pay up to 26 cents each for tails, depending on quantity and quality. If the hunter would like to exchange the tails for Mepps lures, their cash value is doubled.
   "Hundreds of other materials, both natural and synthetic, have been tested," says Jim Martinsen, Mepps spokesman, "and nothing else works as well. But Mepps is only interested in recycling tails taken from squirrels that have been harvested for the table. We do not," he stresses, "advocate taking squirrels strictly for their tails."
   For complete care and payment details on the Mepps squirrel tail recycling program, and to receive a FREE Mepps Fishing Guide, write: Mepps, Dept. SQOO, 626 Center Street, Antigo, Wisconsin 54409-2496, or call their toll free catalog hotline: 800-713-3474. You can also e-mail them at .

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