Mizmo's Grande Tube

Mizmo's Grande Tube What makes this tube different from other tube jigs? We field-tested it and brought the results to you!



Look out lunkers, here come the 5.5" Grande tubes from Arkansas' Mizmo Bait Company. This big dog is perfect for Flippin' or Pitchin' into the heaviest bass holding cover you can find. They are also excellent for fishing along the edges of Lilly pads and grass lines. The gentle, yet sporadic falling action of the Grande is irresistible.
  For years, the tube jig has been a very effective bait for catching large numbers of quality fish. However, there are differences in quality and design that can make one tube superior to the competition. The soft, yet durable plastic construction of Mizmo's 5.5" Grande tubes makes them ideal for serious anglers. Not having to replace your bait after every fish is a blessing in disguise. It allows you to keep fishing while users of other tube baits are fumbling around through their storage compartments looking for another lure.
  Bass seem to really clamp down on this bait and hold on very tight. This is probably the direct result of two different qualities that the Grande's possess. One of these qualities is the soft feel of these tubes. The second is the "Edge," which is an attractant that is an important part of the equation. Together they give the fish the sense that what they are biting is actually a real piece of food. What this equates to is a longer time period for the angler to set the hook. Anytime you can get fish to hold on a little bit longer, your odds of catching that fish greatly increase.
  Mizmo has produced the 5.5" Grande's in a variety of color schemes that enable anglers to match their bait with the water clarity, conditions and local forage. Whether you are trying to mimic a Gizzard Shad while fishing a Carolina Rig or imitating a Crawdad while flipping the tube Texas rigged, color variations can be the subtle difference that drives the fish nuts.
  Regardless of how you rig the 5.5" Grande tubes, they can be very effective in producing big bass. The next time you are on the water in search of a tournament winning catch or just your next photo opportunity, tie on a 5.5" Grande Tube and hold on tight to your rod.

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