Nako Tungsten Weights

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Spot on accurate!
Spot on accurate!

Sinkers.  What can I say about them?  It may surprise you that there are numerous ways to annoy me with poorly made sinkers or weights if you must be fancy =).  Slip sinkers with tiny line holes, or worse ones with sharp edges, will make you pull your hair out if you lose a big fish.  Drop Shot weights that don’t have an easy line attachment, or have one that doesn’t spin easily, is another mess.

Let’s talk about Nako sinkers.  They suffer NONE of the issues listed above.  What they add is the actual weight printed on the sinkers themselves.  I’m sure many refer to the weights, which helps decide which to use.  I’m a little more organic about it.  I’ll go to the next size up if one doesn't seem heavy enough.  I don’t have any set rule, like, “I will use a 3/8-ounce weight with this Texas Rig because I’m fishing in 12’ of water.”  I’m just not that precise about it.  However, having that size referenced on the weight itself is super helpful when it comes time to order more sinkers.  I feel like this has become a must-have for me and will dictate where I buy my sinkers in the future.

Another thing that never mattered to me until it did was the accuracy of the weights.  Nako sinkers are dead-balls-on true.  This alone isn’t going to put more fish in the boat, but I have to think if perfection like this is an important target, then quality must be in other aspects of the product.  This is apparent in the simple yet effective packages.  The little zip-top bags fit nicely in a standard utility box.  There’s no awkward clamshell that many other companies package their weights in.

In summary, it’s tough to knock a sinker, but if you look closer, quite a few things can go wrong.  Nako gets it 100% right.