Pinnacle Perfecta and Optimus LTE Review

Pinnacle Perfecta and Optimus LTE Review Review of the Pinnacle Perfecta Micro DHC5M-7111CAMHCB rod and the Pinnacle Optimus LTE fishing reel.


Pinnacle Review

Another review with a twist. Together this rod and reel is a handsome combination and a great addition to anyone's collection.

   So what's the twist? Rather than talking about the specs, which are linked above, let's take a look at this set-up and compare it to equipment you are probably used to using. Before being introduced to the new Tournament Class Series, I had always been a big fan of G.Loomis, St. Croix and Shimano. These brands still comprise the majority of my gear simply because I have been collecting them for more than a decade. Pinnacle is relatively new to me. I just started fishing with Pinnacle the past two years or so.

   Let's start with the rod, Pinnacle Perfecta Micro DHC5M-7111CAMHCB. I acquired this rod strictly for medium weight crankbaits. I wanted a long rod (7'11"), Medium Heavy Power with Moderate Action. I wanted a rod that could absolutely launch a lure! Moderate Action is exactly what I want in a crankbait rod. I have grown comfortable with split grips which makes this rod "custom" for me.

   The competition in my collection are the G.Loomis GLX PR844C (MSRP $380) and the St. Croix Avid AVC70MM (MSRP $190). I have recommended both of these rods on many occasions here at Although the G. Loomis is my dedicated topwater rod, it could easily serve double duty as my go-to crankbait rig. The Avid has been my workhorse and a favorite of several other forum members including Moderator J Francho.

   Now let's compare the gear. Pinnacle has developed their Tournament Series offerings with remarkable precision.

   The blank is crisp. When it is not loaded it is surprisingly firm for Moderate Action. The grips are the finest quality of cork I have ever owned and the finish on the rod is a muted black. The micro guides create a stealthy look and improves casting capabilities. Aesthetically the beauty is certainly on par with the PR844C. I believe the performance is actually better. Admittedly some of this is due to the added length, but that is a big part of why I chose something this long.

Pinnacle Perfecta Micro DHC5M-7111CAMHCB

   Perhaps a fairer comparison considering the price point is my beloved Avid. Although I have only fished this Pinnacle rod for a very short time, I'm afraid the Avid may be retired. Only time will tell. Maybe I NEED five crankbait rigs! The point is, between these two, the Perfecta DHC5 is the clear winner.

   The last point I want to make regarding the rod is the craftmanship. For those who fish G.Loomis and St. Croix, we are all proud of their attention to detail. I have never had a single issue with any rod from either brand other than rolling one up in a car window! The build of the Pinnacle rod is every bit as nice as the competition. I guess perfect is perfect, so I cannot say one is superior to the other, but now we are back to the price. The MSRP for the Pinnacle is $169.99.

   On to the reel – a Pinnacle Optimus LTE (MSRP $159.99). She's a beauty featuring a black matte finish complemented with red accent. The competition in this review is the Curado 50E simply because this has a comparable pricing point as well as size. My 50E is super-tuned, the LTE stock. To be fair, I have had the Shimano for a couple of years and it is one of my favorite reels . . . period. The LTE I have owned for just a couple of months. It might not sound logical, but I think reels improve with time. My new Pinnacle was righteous straight out of the box!

   I'm sometimes referred to as The Sheriff of the Shimano Posse. To state that the LTE is "strong, smooth, silent and reliant" really strikes a nerve with me. I like this reel so much I considered comparing it to the Core, but I think a lot of guys would question my credibility. I am curious to find out how the Pinnacle deals with the test of time. For now, it ranks top among my very best reels.

   This combination rocks! I hope you will consider making the investment next time you are looking for something new and different. I have been very impressed and think you will be, too.

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