Pflueger President Baitcasting Reels

Pflueger President Baitcasting Reels Looking for a good reel at a decent price? We reviewed this affordable high-quality reel inside.


Pflueger President Baitcasting reel

Pflueger President Baitcasting Reel

With the extremely large number of fishing reel choices available in today's market, anglers can have a tough time deciding which reel is the best product for their money. A large percentage of fisherman and fisherwomen would love to have a high quality baitcasting reel with 10 bearings and lightweight design. The problem is most of the reels of this caliber cost more than the average person earns from working a full week. Thanks to the folks at Pflueger, now everyone can own one of the most awesome reels on the market without taking out a personal loan to pay for it.

Pflueger President Baitcasting reel

   The new Pflueger President Baitcasting reel is built from a high quality, lightweight aluminum frame. Using a reel that is very light is extremely beneficial because it puts significantly less stress on the wrists and arms of the angler. Overall, the users will be able to fish for a longer period of time with less body fatigue.
   Quality components are another attribute that makes the Pflueger President an excellent choice for serious anglers. The reel has 10 bearings that provides for extra casting distance as a result of super smooth, well balanced spool rotation. The spool itself is a work of art. Its wiffled design gives it the ability to produce a much faster rotation speed which aids in casting. The President even comes equipped with bearings in the handle knobs. Retrieving lures, even on long casts is effortless. The reduced friction of the handles is noticeable right off the bat.

Pflueger President Baitcasting reel

   Overall, I would rate this product at 10 out of 10. The high quality craftsmanship, great components, lightweight design, and competitive pricing makes the Pflueger President an ideal choice for anglers of any skill level. From the weekend angler to superstar Bass Pros like Davey Hite and Tim Horton, the President is perfect for everyone. Pflueger has been in the fishing industry since 1881 and I can clearly see that with products like the President reel, they will be around for many years to come. I would recommend stopping by your local retailer to check out this fine piece of equipment. Or see it online at

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